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Roof Fix is a GAF-certified roofing company that can install both roofing and solar components on your home. When you choose a solar roof from GAF Energy, it can produce clean electricity at a cost that’s lower than your utility company’s rate. Solar panels can even pay for themselves when you calculate monthly electric bill savings and government incentives. We are a CPS registered company, so when you choose our team, you can rest assured that your solar energy needs will be taken care of with the highest standards.

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GAF Energy Timberline Solar Roofing System

Pretty easy to install. Pretty easy to look at.

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What Is the GAF Timberline Solar Shingle?

These GAF solar roof shingles or Timberline Solar Energy Shingle are the world’s first “direct-to-deck” nailable solar shingle. Incorporating solar is now as easy as building a traditional roof. A Timberline Solar™ roof is both strong and appealing, generates clean energy, and installs like traditional durable shingles. One installation. One project. One warranty protects the entire system, unlike other solutions that require separate power and roof warranties.

GAF Timberline Solar Shingle South Texas

Benefits of GAF Solar Shingles

  • Reliability – All-in-one warranty covers both roof and solar as 1
  • Sustainability – Clean energy generation is now simple and accessible.
  • Easy  Installation – Installed with only a nail gun.
  • Aesthetic Design – No tetris look. Uniform lines & sleeker than solar panels
  • World’s First – First roofing product to integrate solar tech into existing roof
  •  Up To 130 mph – Get protection from storm winds
Awesome Electric Bill Savings from Solar

Average kWh/Day Saved in April

2021 (851kW) vs 2022 (16 kWh) = 98.12% Savings

Click the link listed below to review and download our electric bill showing the savings and kWh/day saved from the previous year. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Why Choose Roof Fix for GAFSolar Roof Shingles?

  • Only certified GAF Energy solar contractor in South Texas
  • Licensed to install both the roof and solar components
  • Only registered CPS Energy Roofing Company In South Texas
  • Get peace of mind with 1 point of contact for both solar and roof installations
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"Investing in a new roof with GAF’s integrated solar technology means investing in clean energy from a durable solar system that will pay for itself in savings, all without compromising the gorgeous aesthetics of your home."

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Example TLS GAF Timberline Solar Installations

GAF Timberline Solar Roofing 78216

10205 Cassandra Drive

Austin, TX

Solar Roofing Installation In San Antonio TX

21219 Cinch Run

San Antonio,  TX

Solar Roofing 78216

3233 Flint Valley Lane

Katy, TX

Best Roofer Near Me 78216

6726 Village Park

San Antonio, TX

Awesome Solar Roofing Installation in San Antonio

6712 Winnipeg Cove

Austin, TX

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With a GAF Energy solar roof, you’ll not only get a roof that’s durable and has curb appeal, it’s also financially smart, since you can save on your energy bills over time

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Roof Fix is rapidly becoming the top roofing and solar contractor in all of Texas. We provide quality service because YOU matter! When you’re ready to upgrade your home with energy-efficient solar panels, our team will help you make the perfect installation plan and execute it.

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GAF Solar Shingle Questions

It complies with all applicable building codes and is listed by UL and Intertek to all required safety standards.

The GAF solar shingle can withstand winds up to 130mph

Yes, this certification is rigorously tested for quality by an independent company.

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