As the summer months approach and the days get hotter, our number one priority when we are inside is to keep cool.

If you are looking to improve your roofing to maximize your comfort during the hot weather, here are some roof types to consider. 

Tile Roof

One type of tile roofing is a concrete roof. They can be naturally reflective enough to cool the inside of your home, although their appearance is not ideal. Thankfully, concrete tile roofs can be dyed in order to achieve the look you desire.

Concrete roofs are the least expensive style of a tile roof. The thickness of the tile will take longer to heat during a hot day, keeping your house cool for an extended period of time. While they are not waterproof initially, a waterproof glaze can be applied to improve the tile’s durability. 

Another tile roof is the classic terra cotta style roof, which is typically more aesthetically pleasing than concrete. Terra cotta is a curvy shaped tile made out of baked clay – both highly efficient for longevity and weather durability. The curve shape of the tile also improves airflow in your home, perfect for keeping you cool in the summer. It’s only downside is the cost, since it’s more pricey than that of a concrete roof. 

Green Roof

A green roof is just as it sounds, a roof that can be covered with a layer of plants and a thin, waterproof material. Good for the environment and keeping your home cool, this kind of roof is especially common in an urban setting, absorbing the heat in the summer months. It’s also incredibly useful for insulation. This option is a more expensive one, but it is ideal for efficient energy use and saving. 

Metal Roof

The most versatile, affordable and energy-saving option for a roof is a metal roof. They cool fastest at night and reflect light during the day, which reduces heat absorption. Coming in a variety of styles, it can fit anyone’s aesthetic while being practical and a money saver. Metal roofing is also environment friendly since it is recyclable and can last up to 70 years. 

Need Roofing Help?

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