Roof Tune-Up and Maintenance

A roof-tune up is our most comprehensive roof repair & maintenance plan. Get protected for life.

Getting A New Roof Has Never Been Easier

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What is a Roof Fix Tune-Up?

We created the ultimate roof repair and maintenance protection plan that gives you peace of mind against surprise roof repairs for the entire life of the roof.

NEW for 2023 – Nanotech Sealer Extends Roof For Life!

  • 0% Interest – 0 Down -N0 PAYMENT until 2025
  • Huge 35lb – 6 blade drone. FAA Certified
  • Lifetime Warranty vs 7 yrs
  • 73 pt inspections: Now Yearly 
  • Tune-Up:  $49/mos w/ approved credit
  • $1,500 credit for catastrophic damage

Roof Fix San Antonio

$1,500 of tune-up costs will be applied to a new roof in the future. Offering Lifetime Warranties on all Tune-Ups.

Top 9 Roof Tune-Up Benefits

Never come out of pocket for a roof repair again

Annual 27 Point Inspection

Roof monitoring consists of us coming out once a year to inspect the roof that gives you peace of mind.

Annual Roof Cleaning

Yearly eco-friendly, low-volume roof cleaning that will keep your roof looking new and free from algae. Includes gutter.

Roof Protection

Roof protection will cover any acts of God that require insurance coverage. We ensure the homeowner gets covered.

Policy Protection

Paid up to $1500.00 that could be used towards the homeowner’s deductible, lowering their out-of-pocket expense.

Roof Maintenance

Never break the bank on roof repairs or maintenance. For a low monthly payment of $49.00 and one-time fee of $289.00.

Roof Warranty

Lifetime Warranty. Guaranteed no leaks for life keeping it in tip-top condition.

First Priority

We handle your emergency situation first giving you complete peace of mind on storm protection.

$1,500 Assurance Policy

Get peace of mind knowing your $1,500 Roof Tune Up investment can be applied to a new roof in the future.

Super Low $49 Mos Payment

Asphalt shingle roof tune-up starts at $49 bucks. There isn't an easier way to save. This is a no-brainer.

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roof fix SA repair and maintenance package

Roof Tune-Up Pricing

NOW Lifetime Warranty W/ ZERO Down Payment

  • As low as - $49/mos with approved credit
  • Shingle roofs – $59.00 per month
  • Metal roofs – $79.00 per month
  • Tile roofs – $89.00 per month
  • Roofs larger > 5,000 sq ft are $1.50 per sq foot
  • $1,500.00 policy protection towards the deductible.

Roof Fix San Antonio

Roof Fix labor and material warranties are fully transferrable. Now offering a lifetime warranty instead of 7!

What's Included in Annual Roof Maintenance/Roof Tune-Up?

New for 2023: Nanotech Sealer Sprayed On By Drone

Roof Leaks San Antonio

Free roof repair on all roof leaks

Free Storm Damage Assessment San Antonio

Free storm damage assessment & repair

Attic Ventilation Placement in Texas

Correct attic ventilation placement

Roof Cleaning San Antonio

Eco safe low volume roof clean

replace missing shingles in Texas

Replace missing shingles or tiles

annual san antonio tx drone inspections

Annual roof inspection

South Texas Thermal Imaging Inspection

Annual thermal imaging inspection

seal pipe vents

Seal or paint pipe vents/gaskets

San Antonio Flashing Installation and Repair

Re-nail or paint loose flashing

How Is Our Roof Tune Up/Maintenance Program Different?

  • Lifetime Warranty coverage
  • $1,500 of tune-up applied to a future roof
  • Warranty is fully transferrable
  • Receive 24-hour first emergency response
  • Eco-Friendly products used for cleaning

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Roof Maintenance

A roof cleaning in San Antonio is an eco-friendly roofing service that will improve the look of your roof and add value to your home’s curb appeal. This is the best eco-friendly roof stain removal service in Texas. Our Roof Fix experts will work diligently to clean and remove stains from your roof that have built up over the years. Your roof will look like new, so you can avoid getting a roof replacement before you actually need one. We use both nanotech sealing technology combined with our proprietary ROOF SHAMPOO.

Our products don’t contain dangerous chemicals. Roof Fix uses safe cleaning products that will remove roof stains without damaging your property. The eco-friendly roof cleaner is proven to be safe on your home’s landscaping, but tough enough to penetrate algae, lichens, moss and other roof staining organisms from shingles.

Roof Maintenance san antonio TX
Roof Fix San Antonio

NEW in ’23! – An eco-friendly roof rejuvenation chemical has been added to our roof maintenance process. This restores and extends the life of your roof up to 7 years.

What is a Roof Cleaning?

Is Roof Shampoo Eco-Friendly?

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Frequently Asked Roof Tune-Up Questions

The eco-friendly roof cleaner is proven to be safe on your home’s landscaping, but tough enough to penetrate algae, lichens, moss and other roof staining organisms.

Our best roof cleaning system not only kills the algae but completely removes the old staining caused by lichens, moss, and algae.

Roof cleaning services usually save SA homeowners in the long run as you may possibly be able to delay a roof replacement for quite some time.

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