This week on The Roof Fix Show, host Duane Charping is joined by special guests Ulysses Logan and Scott Fraiser to discuss roof problems affecting South Texas homeowners.

The terms and conditions of insurance policies and from other roof companies can really hurt homeowners, but Roof Fix is different. We help you understand the terms and conditions and we’ll make sure your roof is operating at maximum capacity.

Learn all about it in this week’s episode!

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It’s time to raise the roof. You’re listening to the roof fix show with your host Duane Charping shouting from the rooftops over 30 years of Home Improvement experience and roof expertise, solid advice about roof repair, replacement leaks, insurance claims, warning signs and the ever-popular small print. It’s all about the shingles under the sunshine, the roof show here’s Duane.


Happy Sunday and welcome to the roof fix show with host and owner of Roof Fix Duane Charping in the studio we’re gonna be talking about a lot of things from the top of the roof to the bottom of the roof and everything else in between. But most importantly, we’re glad you’re here. So let’s get a big shout out from all of you in South Texas ladies gentlemen, without further ado, Duane Charping.

Duane Charping

Hello, hello everybody. I hope you’re having a great Sunday and that was a wonderful introduction, Arnie. You know, we’re trying to bring a little bit of life to our show every week and you know, Roof Fix, we are a public service company that, you know, when we do these shows this show is all about protecting our homeowners, making sure they’re vetting their contractors, making sure they understand how insurance works. Making sure they know about this new house bill. You know that it is a felony for contractors to come in and introduce or try to pay a deductible. This law was just passed and is being enforced and new things are happening in the insurance company. So we’re going to be getting into these things, but I want to bring in two special guests. We have Scott Frazier. Say hello to everybody, Scott.

Scott Frazier

Hello, everybody.

Duane Charping

And we have Ulysses Logan. Now you know he right here in this room. We have some major experience when it comes to home improvements. Scott has, you know started his career out early in the business with Sears ran a multi-million dollar company. He was his experience and Home Improvements is that everything that you can think of from replacement windows to Hardie plank siding to even down to those days of vinyl siding and is a roofing expert today and you Ulysses comes from a really big construction background runs a very successful company called roof fix in Houston, of course, you know, that’s our we all work together here and bringing these guys in, we can be you know, we can be a great help to answer some of those difficult questions and how to vet your contractors.

Also, Scott wants to talk a little bit about protection on warranty plans, what to look for, what to expect from what other contractors are doing. And you know, of course, it’s always those terms and conditions. You know, that’s where roof fix makes a solid difference. So many roofers, I mean 100% of them are not going to cover if they damage things around your home like your driveway, water lines, AC lines, these things could cost you thousands of thousands of dollars additional and we want to tell you if you think you’re paying less, and you get to this situation, you’re going to end up paying a whole lot more money. So, you know, we want to show you what to look for how to handle your insurance, where to take a big hand in that, you know, so in most cases, people that need to think they need to hire or get legal action needed, talk to our team, have them come out and evaluate your home.

This is the best time and it’s not too late for you guys back in April, that if you don’t know if you have damage to get that free inspection, we want to sign up our homeowners for annual inspections. Where, we inspect your home once a year we use drone technology thermal camera systems, and there’s absolutely no charge for this. But before we roll out this show, this talk about roof fix. Again, I’m Duane Charping. I’m your host and I am the owner of Roof Fix.

We talk about anything under the sunshine you can email me at or, you know, call our office, if you would like to schedule an appointment 210-454-2400 or  you can just dial 2106 fix roof, that’s for you people that, you know, don’t remember numbers. I was like those accolades, but uh, you know, we just try to make it easy to get a hold of us seven days a week.

We are here for you guys. And we want to come out and make sure your roof is operating in a good capacity. So you get preventive maintenance. Yeah, but we have some really exciting things to tell you. We have one again, and this is amazing recognition because Angie’s List has become a world leader and they would not even exist guys, if there weren’t bad contractors, right? They have grown to be bigger than even the Better Business Bureau. You know, I mean, more people are relying on Angie’s List and the reason why Angie’s List exists. Because there are so many bad contractors, they become a source for homeowners to be able to try to find these contractors.

And, you know, there’s a lot of bad stories, right, Scott, I mean 36,000 consumer complaints last year in roofing alone, just in our area. And you know, this, the Texas market works a lot differently. You know, I mean, if you want to be a roofer go down there and sign up, and then put people’s homes at risk. I mean, a rooftop is the most important part of your home and protects everything there. And I’m telling you, if it wasn’t for the organization, organizations like Angie’s list are helping homeowners find good contractors, we would be at a lot of trouble. Those complaints would be a lot higher. Wouldn’t you agree Ulysses?


Absolutely. You know the one thing you got to remember is skill never is cheap. And cheap labor is not a skill. So don’t get yourself caught up.

Duane Charping

Yeah, it is so easy. I mean, we’re all frugal here, right? I mean, when we try to buy things and for home but you know, that’s the difference with roof fix. I mean, you know, when you come out and talk to customers, you would consider yourself an educator. Right? That’s right. Yeah. But you’re gonna break it down. I mean, you’re not there to fast talk somebody. I mean, you’re there. You know, look at our reviews. I mean, customers talk about you all the time Scott. I mean, you take the time to educate the consumer so they make an educated buying decision. You know, I mean, if you don’t show a good point, there’s no I mean, there’s not a reason to do business with you.

Scott Frazier

Information is power.

Duane Carping

Yeah. And I mean, you’ll have to have a reason to buy and if we can’t give them that reason to buy, we don’t twist any arms or, or use any trickery. I mean, it’s either you know, we’re a good fit for you or we’re not I mean, if you want a good quality job, you want good skilled labor. You know, we are a master elite contractor with GAF all of our installers are masters and certified through the GAF program, we won to triple excellent award And then a little intro about Angie’s List and what they do for our community. We are four years running, super service award-winning Angie’s List contractors, we are preferred number one over every single roofing company, rating us, number one. I mean, that’s a lot to be said. And a lot of hard work we all had to do in this room. Would you agree? I mean.


Absolutely. A lot of blood, sweat and tears. And you know, at the end of the day, we want to do things right, no matter what

Duane Charping

You know, and take care of our customers and change an industry. I mean, you know, how many people go out there trying to sell a cheap roof? You know, I mean you see all kinds of stuff, even though the human trafficking where they’re hiring people off the street for $50 a day to get on your home and do you want that type of quality? Like you said, Ulysses, you know, to get a certified contractor, skilled labor, you know, we got to pay the wages.

Scott Frazier

You know what they say. I mean, this was a saying from Benjamin Franklin, he said the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low prices forgotten and unless you’ve been in that shoe those shoes and a lot of the people we visit with on a day to day basis, they went down that road, get these prices, and I’m like, Oh my gosh, well, this company so much cheaper than this company. Well, you go down that wrong road, you get that done. They take shortcuts, and it’s just not worth it.

Duane Charping

Well, you know and folks, you got to watch out for those. You know, we call I call them a prima donna company, though companies that are doing it right, that are adding so much inflation for doing the job right here at Roof Fix. We give a good balance. I mean, look, we deal with the most educated people in this whole community engineers, lawyers, doctors, you know, these people are very analytical conservative, and they want to make sure that they’re getting their job done right. And they feel a lot of pain when things are not done right. You know, and so 90% of roofers can’t even work for these customers.

And you know as Homeowners, we’re tired of the headaches of just misled promises, you know, oversold and under-delivered, you know, we guarantee your satisfaction. And as an owner, I am committed to every homeowner that does business with us. And I will make sure that my team, that I am only successful because of my team, and how they deliver and how they bring our service to you. You know, we’re gonna do a great job making sure there are no nails left behind. You know, we even had a job in Houston, that you did that, uh, the dog’s name was Molly, right?


Molly. Yep.

Duane Charping

Yep. And I mean, that customer, she was not going to trust anybody with Molly in that backyard or any contractor to come over their house. And I mean, you know, keep it ridiculous, but some people might think that’s ridiculous. Hiring a contractor due to a dog named Molly, you know, but, you know, we did a shampoo service down there, right?


Yup did a shampoo service and it was excellent. Molly was taken very good care of and our pets are our families. So that’s the one thing you always got to remember. You know, we didn’t want to let Molly out and you know have her go down the street so we actually had somebody just sit there and with Molly and take care of her

Duane Charping

And we swept the yard with metal detectors with the highest power magnets in the industry that we do for all of our customers. Because your children and your pets are important to us. And these are the things that roof fix does that we pride ourselves on detail for the type of customers we serve. But you know it gets more exciting than that just winning the Super Service Award for years running. Again. We are so excited we want to bring this to KTSA customers.

We are going to bring it straight to you guys. 50% off labor is one of our largest roofing sales but we’re not only going to do it for our Shingle Roofing, and our Shingle Roof market, but we are going to do it for metal roofs. We are also going to do it for all services and repairs. And if you got a leak, call us it’s free, we’ll come out and do a temp. And we’ll help work with your insurance company or give you an awesome solution. This is one thing I can say about our team is we’re honest, and we want to earn your business. We’ve been doing this for a really long time, right guys, I think we got right here in this room over what, 75 years, 75 years of experience of being in the business, and we all come from a customer service industry that roofing has never seen. You know, that’s why we shined and grew and went up the chain here.

There are home improvement companies, you know, doing a fairly good job. And you know, there are a few good roofing companies that have been here for a really long time, but they still have those terms and conditions. They still run and operate. The standard roofing way and roof fix is going to make a big difference to that all the way down to the warranties we offer. You know we offer the best warranties in the industry. Another thing is we’re going to inspect what we expect. You know, we’re going to go ahead and give you a photo documentary of your job. And then yearly, we are going to go ahead and drone fly and put you on a service plan when you sign up with roof fix to get your roof monitored, folks, we got almost all the customers in the dominion doing this. You know, they had that big ol hailstorm and you know tile roofs you want to keep on tracking and making sure everything’s working properly. They have really expensive homes, and these are large homes, but we do the service for free for everybody. And we will monitor your roof. And when a hailstorm because you are in our system and bad weather comes.

We use a product called hail trace. It alerts us of the zip code and we will automatically come up to your home and start inspecting the very next day and using free temps and we’ll also help you with your insurance company. So all you have to expect to pay out of pocket and that type of catastrophe will be your deductible. And we’ll talk a little bit about that we’re going to go into a little bit more on warranty. But when you on deductibles with this new bill and this new law, there is no negotiating out of the deductible anymore. Those days are is a felony, you could get in trouble for it. Also, when you take the insurance companies with exact a mate, and how they use the software, they regulate in a catastrophe of a gross profit only being 20%. and due to that, and if you got somebody paying a $2,000 deductible on a $10,000 job, how can he do a good job of is doing it for no profit? Well, I’ll tell you why. He’s going to use cheap labor the cheapest out there, he’s going to only go down to the felt paper he’s going to reuse the pipes, and in some cases, we’ve seen them lay over the existing shingles and not even tear off the roof.

Victor here in the studio had his contractor was arrested for using a stolen u haul trailer. to dump his roof, you know, Arnie’s mother got ripped off by a storm chaser that made her sign an agreement that they were going to bless her with making the insurance company pay for your roof. Bless her with making the insurance company pay for your roof, folks, you’re insured. If your roof is damaged, the insurance company’s gonna pay for your roof. That’s why we have homeowners insurance. So don’t let these guys come out of town come in here and act like they’re doing you any favors. Because they’re not. They only got half of her roof covered. Tim Carmichael is the one who went out there we got the whole roof bought and paid for and she only had a $500 deductible and she got a $22,000 roof. I mean, I would love to get a roof for $500.

So you know we are not expensive, but when it comes time in a catastrophe, but we do we give a lot of upgrades to install a better roof, you know by using premium underlayment advanced starters that give you 130 mile per hour wind lift guarantees you know we use ridge ventilation systems but you know not ridge vents people are giving away ridge vents because they’re putting that stuff up wrong. You know we actually reinforced the ridge vents but most ridge vents don’t always work so we will go in there and we will put the attic fans or solar vent fans and we use this part during insurance to make proper ventilation we make sure the soffit vents are working. We make sure all warranty is in place. And when you do business we’re roof fix that’s the warranty different and protection you’ll get for no other company, lifetime warranties on most of our roof systems with real protection and the best repair warranties in the industry. What are most people’s warranty on their roofs Scott one year?

Scott Frazier

1-3 years and most of them were one year and we see a lot of appointments come across where people are having problems with their roof and it literally says in the notes on the appointment sheet. The customer had the roof done two years ago and they have a leak in the living room in the dining room and I went looked at a roof just last week where this poor lady, she not only had two leaks but when I inspected the whole roof, there were all kinds of things that the roofer two years ago he did her roof and took a bunch of shortcuts and didn’t do the flashing of the wall properly. They didn’t flash around the chimney, the nailing pattern wasn’t correct. there were all kinds of problems and, at the end of the day, we could not repair her roof. She needed a whole new roof. And she lost her husband a year and a half ago. And so the affordability was challenging so poor customer’s paying a whole lot more than what she should have been paying.

Duane Charping

So she was probably when that storm chaser came out that did that to her and says, Look, I’m gonna take care of your deductible, especially after the loss of a husband. I mean, man, she was in a vulnerable place. Right. But do you think the contractor really paid for her deductible? It doesn’t sound like it sounds like a lot of shortcuts to me, you know, so if it’s too good to be true, it is right? Absolutely. So, you know, that’s what we try to educate and teach our consumers there. We don’t want you to pay too much money forward. That’s why we offer solutions. We are the only company and that lady down in Houston with a dog named Molly. She thought she needed a brand new roof. Right, Paul on Ken5, the weatherman. He thought he needed a new roof right? I am telling you it goes on and goes on.

We do all the work for the Spurs players, a lot of spurs players. We’re doing Matt Bonner’s house right now, he was ripped off by a roofing contractor during a storm chase, and we had to do a tune-up on his roof. Only one year after it was installed. It goes on and on, folks. So these are reputable people in our community that have been taken advantage of roof fix comes with solutions. One is that roof was a bad It just had algae buildup and folks if you got algae buildup or streaking on your roof, it is literally eating away on your shingles. And you do need to get the algae off insurance your insurance company wants you to get that checked at least once a year. But please do not get up there with a pressure sprayer. And please don’t go up there and try to do it yourself.

When you loosen up that algae in the roof it becomes real slippery, and you could be at risk of getting hurt really bad, we use a low-pressure volume system that could clean with a special non-toxic chemical that can remove and make that roof brand new. And for fractions of the cost of a new roof, that solution number one, solution number two, you might just need a simple repair solution. Number three, you might want policy protection with your repair. And we do a complete tune-up, we give you policy protection, meaning if that roof leaks within three to five years, we are going to cover every damage that occurs, give you peace of mind and inspect that roof every year and make sure that you are covered. And that’s fractions of the cost of a new roof. So you know, these are solutions well before you need a new roof. And we have the largest service team in San Antonio, that are our employees that come out and do these services and do these shampoos and do it remarkable job, Paul with Ken’s five was so pleased you could go to our website at and look at our last great day SA and performance and essays a great day SA like Good Morning America, but it’s something Ken five been doing for a really long time.

I’m an honors guest on that show monthly. And we just love the feedback that Paul got. We got their executive producer, we got our rep that takes care of us. We did tune up on them. And we are doing jobs through the voice of Ken five and doing business that when they refer us, they know we are number one and that’s what Paul said there is not another company I could ever recommend, other than roof fix. And that’s strong and I recommend you guys if you have not had your roof inspected, or now’s the time to buy, we are doing 50% off the labor 50% off of shingle roofs, metal roofs and you know what anybody type of repair tuneup or shampoo is included on the 50% off labor, our largest sale of the year. This is the time to get your estimate. And if you know you think it’s too late to file a claim on last year’s damage.

And folks, if you live in Boerne, just two weeks ago, we have two claims already paid for by State Farm, and also USAA. We have got two claims already done and we’re working on many more. They did get Hail Damage up there. So give us a call. If you don’t know, get on our inspection list. It is free 210-454-2400 or go to to get on our schedule seven days a week. We will take your phone calls, we can come out and see you as soon as this Saturday A estimate. Give our listeners what it consists of and how when we come out, this is educating.

I mean, we’re not out selling you anything, can you give them a just, and it is very important when you set up an appointment with us, you know, to have both homeowners there. So you can explain color selections, options, repairs, there’s an educated process. And then if it’s not a good fit, we’re not going to try to get you to buy something. But with this half off-price, I forgot to mention, you could also half off the labor or for you guys that can’t afford the roof right now. How about you take advantage of our zero percent interest, no payments until 2022 at zero percent interest, or if you’re just looking for a real low, affordable monthly payment. Look, you don’t have to put not a penny down, zero down. I’ll give you zero percent interest for 60 months. There should be no reason why you don’t get your roof looked at with those three options. And you’ve got a roofing company that’s going to come out and show you solutions. We’re not out there to replace a roof on homes of people that don’t need a new roof. We want to prolong your roof, but let them know Scott, what’s the average time you spend with them? And what do you think about that and could you cover a little bit about warranty too?

Scott Frazier

Yeah, so the first thing we want to do when we come out there is we’re going to get a drone up in the air and we’re going to take a really close look at the roof. We’re going to look at your penetrations, we’re going to look at the valleys, areas around your chimney, all of the areas where if you were ever going to get a leak, that’s where it would be. Once we do that, we’re going to take really good pictures of everything come into the house kind of walk you through what we saw. We’re going to show you all the pictures and we’re going to basically give you a solution and as Duane said, the solution is not always a new roof.

We offer roof tuneups, where we can tune your roof up for a fraction of the cost and we guarantee those tuneups. There’s just a lot of other different options a the shampoo option we talked about. But if you do need a new roof, we’re going to walk you through from start to finish exactly what we do, how we do it. We’re going to show you videos we’re going to show you before, during and after pictures. And also we’re going to give you one of the strongest warranties in the industry. A lot of folks when they come when they buy a roof, they get a 25-year shingle or a 30-year shingle.

And with that usually comes a one-year labor warranty or three-year labor warranty. And if all you have is a three-year labor warranty, that means if you start having problems year four or year five, that roofer either is not going to come out and fix it, or they’re going to charge you a lot of money to come out there and do that repair. When you do roofing with roof fix. We come out there and if we do a 25-year shingle, you’re going to get a 25-year labor warranty. If you do a lifetime shingle, you’re going to get a lifetime warranty on all of the labor work. But in addition to all of that, we’re also going to be able to show you progress pictures throughout the job.

We have a quality control program. This is a program where our Senior Project Manager comes out in the middle of the job. He takes a look at the job really close up, he’s going to look and make sure that the nailing pattern is proper. He’s also going to make sure that they’re using six nails per shingle and that the nails are not being overdriven. This is why roof fix feels very, very comfortable giving you such a strong labor warranty.

Duane Charping

Do you have anything to add to that?


Just remember that you know, we have the best warranty in the entire industry. We go all over the state of Texas.

Duane Charping

And you know, you got managers here in the studio. You got owners, you know if you are not 100% satisfied, you call me I am the owner and I will listen to everybody’s concerns. And I offer solutions. Look, we can make a mistake folks, but I will guarantee we’ll be transparent, honest and always make it right. Our customers are guaranteed to be 100% satisfied. As long as they’re looking for a solution, we will deliver it to them. We will take care of them. And you know, we want to keep it safe for your pets like Molly. We want to keep it safe for your kids. We want to put quality people to your home and we want to do an excellent job. So take advantage, half off labor. This is on shingle roofs, metal roofs, we are talking about repairs, tuneups, and shampoos, all you have to do is call us and call us today. 210-454 -2400 Again, that’s 210-454-2400 or just go to

Hey, we had a wonderful show. We enjoy you guys for tuning in. And, you know, we love to answer these questions. And Scott, thank you for that segment, especially on warranty and the difference. Watch out for the terms and conditions. You know, if you have any questions if you don’t want to necessarily do business yet but you need to stop doing bad business. You can always call to talk to us. And we will always put on you know, take off our estimating hat and we’ll put on that hat to give you the right knowledge and what you need to know when it comes to buying a roof. So you do not become that statistic.

We are so proud of our reputation and what we have done again four years running super service Angie’s List award winner, this is why we’re bringing it to you here at Roof Fix. So make sure you go to our website or give us a call at 454-2400 that’s 210-454-2400 or go to talk to y’all next Sunday. Hope y’all have a great day and we love you and can’t wait for your questions. And we will be right back on the air for another segment. So please tune in and let’s keep it real.


Remember Roof Fix keeps you covered.