This week on the podcast Duane is joined by a special guest! Ulysses “Big U” Logan from the Houston Roof Fix Location joins Duane to discuss Roof Fix’s exclusive January financing options. We want to share with you our latest special: 20% off the cost of any new roof. We fabricate, install and maintain all of our roofs so you know you are getting a high-quality product.

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It’s time to raise the roof. You’re listening to the roof fix show with your host Duane Charping shouting from the rooftops over 30 years of Home Improvement experience and roof expertise, solid advice about roof repair, replacement leaks, insurance claims, warning signs and the ever-popular small print. It’s all about the shingles under the sunshine, the roof fixture here’s Duane.

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Happy Sunday San Antonio and all of you in South Texas. We’re glad you’re here on Newstalk 550 KTSA and Fm 1071. You’re listening to the roof fix show with host Duane Charping. Here with a special guest in the studio who we’ll be talking with shortly. With the new year here it’s time to make a resolution to look at your roof. What does it need? Roof Fix is offering a 2020 special where they’re kicking it off with 20% off all roofs whether it be metal, shingle, tile, you name the type of roof it’s 20% off or take advantage of their zero down zero interest payment program, zero percent interest up to five years, now that would turn into a very low economical, monthly, smart, payment or no payments at all until 2022. Feel free to get ahold of roof fix at 210-454-2400 ask for Duane Charping personally with any and all of your questions but for right now let’s get to the show. We’re glad you’re here and we’re grateful for roof fix to be on KTSA NewsTalk radio

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Hello Hello everybody. I’m Duane Charping your host here of the roof fix show everything under the roof is what we’re going to talk about and you know, if you ever have any questions you could go to and we answer all your questions and you know we just like to cover all topics and anything when it comes to insurance roofing. You know we want this radio station this show to be all about you and I am here with a co-star guest you Ulysses Logan say hello to everybody Ulysses.

Ulysses 1:59
Hi everybody, I’m Ulysses Logan otherwise named Big U

Duane Charping 2:03
Big U runs and is our operator, owner and president of roof fix in Houston, Texas and you know if y’all ever have a need you Ulysses, he takes the same pride in running and branding and taking care of the roof fix name and his customers as I do here as the owner of roof fix here in San Antonio. And, you know, he’ll be here to answer any questions also. And you know, the same thing. Ulysses what we got going on here. We need to let everybody know in Houston what a great offer that we got going on for January.

Ulysses 2:44
Yes, it’s definitely an excellent offer. You know, it’s uh Duane has put together an excellent finance team. So we’ve got some definitely excellent financing for you. And he’s going to present those to you right now. But if you need to reach me directly, My number is 281-542-1922 and that’s the Houston office 281-542-1922.

Duane Charping 3:08
Yep, that’s Ulysses, like we said, we all call him Big U. Ulysses has been in San Antonio for over 25 years. Is that correct?

Ulysses 3:17
Yeah, pretty close.

Duane Charping 3:18
So you’ve been out there for 25 years serving the community has a lot of experience and you know it really well. And, you know, we are just so happy to be in partners with Ulysses, and, you know, we don’t trust our name and our brand to just anybody. And I’ll tell you, I have known Ulysses sense. What do you say grade school?

Ulysses 3:39
Definitely, probably over 40 years.

Duane Charping 3:42
Over 40 years, so you know, we got a great relationship, but we got a, you know, our goal is customer satisfaction and really to change the roofing industry. Like it’s never been changed before. You know, we want to make sure that you know, when we come out to your home, that there are no nails left behind. We have installation standards. He’s also a part of the master elite program where only 1% of contractors have ever achieved the master elite in North America. So you could count on every one of his crews are going to be certified and they are going to bring the GAF quality to your home. And of course, we’re going to bring it to you at the very best price that is guaranteed. And now I want to announce something that has really taken off we have brought it to everybody here at KTSA first before anybody that is 20% off. That is a full 20% off the cost of any new roof. And that’s right folks, we fabricate, carry all of our own metal roofing components. We do Shingle Roofing, standing seam, we guarantee the best price and we also could give you another program if you want to take advantage of zero percent interest all the way up to five years, or zero percent interest and no payments until 2022. And that’s zero down folks. So if you don’t want to break the bank, and you want an affordable way to pay for your roof, zero down, we require no money down. And you can go ahead and get it out on payment plan with zero percent interest, you could take it so if you want a low monthly payment, you can take it all the way out to 60 months, or you could go ahead and make no payments at all until 2022. So that’s for you folks that might be selling your home or need something and we got all kinds of other modified programs for everybody. You know, we got second chance financing for some people that don’t have that good of credit. We are here to help you. There’s no reason why you should ever have a roofing leak and not get it fixed. Because we’ll come out to your home for free, no obligation to buy. And we’ll put a temporary on your home to stop that water from coming in. That’s something we’ve done for our community for years. And we just want to make sure that nobody is getting water in their home and getting any of that damage that does add up. But you know, make sure you give us a call here locally at 210454 2400. That’s 210-454-2400 or if you can’t write it down just to 210 fix roof or if you’re calling from the hill country 830 got roof. So you know you guys up there in Fredericksburg and Kerrville those areas we have an office also up there and we can serve you very quickly there. So if you have any needs, you know, we are really doing a great job in the hill country. So you know, from the hill country to San Antonio, all the way to Houston, and also our Dallas office. I know we might not broadcast all the way up to Dallas, but you know if you have a friend or somebody up there. We are taking care of that community too. And so you know you get the same service we are insurance specialists, Ulysses here has a great team that will help you take care of your claim. Make sure that you get all those code items covered and nothing gets missed and you get a proper roof put back on your house if you have any storm damage. And you know we just got the word. Houston’s getting a pretty big storm tonight.

Ulysses 7:24
Yes, definitely it’s going to be a huge storm so there’s going to be the possibility of large hail in the area and high winds

Duane Charping 7:31
And that may be coming here too. So protect those cars and you know, we’re all praying that storm passes us and you know, but if it does hit, and if anybody has any leaks, you know, get on the phone with us get set up. We’ll get out there as fast as we can to get your house back on course. There is no charge or no obligation to buy from us. We will be there as your relief team as quickly as we can. I run the largest server department here in the San Antonio market, and soon to be the largest department in Houston. But we will get to you guys that take really good care of you. So if you’re in a crisis, remember call Roof fix, and we will take care of you you call 210 fix roof if you can’t remember our standard number, that’s 210-454-2400. But you know, make sure you give us a call, and we’re going to take really good care of you guys. And if you get into an insurance situation, we will go ahead and use our drone technology. We got thermal cameras that come in and inspect the attics, we’re going to make sure everything is nice and dry. And we will go ahead and represent and handle the whole claim for you folks, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You know, sometimes working with insurance adjusters, you know, I’m not saying there’s a lot of good insurance adjusters out there. But like anything else, you should always have somebody double-check what they’re claiming they’re going to take care of. Make sure they’re held accountable. And they didn’t miss anything, because there’s a lot of components on your roof. And folks, they don’t find everything off the first inspection because you got to get the shingles off to see if there’s damage to the decking. And this is why we encourage you to stay local. Don’t use a storm chaser. They get in there, they slap on or take off the roof down to the felt paper. They don’t even inspect the decking, they throw on shingles and they don’t even check the decking folks. So you know, you could get really hung up if you’re not watching how your roof is being installed. But you know, one of the things we do here Ulysses that you know you’re doing in Houston, I’m sure to the documented photos for your customers.

Ulysses 9:44
Absolutely. We make sure we document everything and do the drones so that everybody can see what is going on and do a stage by stage installation so the customer will see exactly what’s happening.

Duane Charping 9:57
That’s to give peace of mind because you know, we have 36,000 consumer complaints last year in San Antonio. And it’s stagnating, how many complaints happened in Houston. Over 60,000 complaints last year. And so making the roofing industry, one of the horrific horrible service industries out there, so that’s why, you know, being part of a team where you know, we won the Super Service Angie’s List award, you know, three years running. We are also A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. We have won the excellent award triple excellent award with GAF also master elite with GAF. So we are an award-winning company, that is #1 one rated and we are here to make sure you get treated right. And when it comes down to fair pricing, we publish and have pricing, all made out so everybody pays the absolute best fairest price that you could get with your roof and if you take advantage of our sale that we have going on now, folks, we have to explain this. I talked to a lady yesterday on the phone, she had an insurance claim. Well, an insurance claim is whenever you’re in a storm catastrophe. They the insurance companies work on a program called xactimate. It is a Texas regulated program. And because the area has so much work, they actually lower our profitability from 30% down to 20. Meaning they only pay O and P that’s profit and overhead of 20%. And they regulate what they’re going to pay. So many of our sales and our discounts cannot apply to the insurance industry. Because with this new house bill that they just passed in August that is effective this year. We cannot pay deductibles. And so you know, not even you can’t go out there and find somebody that’s got $1,000 or $500 off on a roof and then you can apply that towards your deductible. That would be called insurance fraud. If you want to get you’re already getting a free roof. You can’t get 20% off on a free roof then the Texas insurance board will not allow it. It would be insurance fraud. It’s a felony for us to do it. No contractors are allowed to pay insurance. And I had a lady call in just yesterday. Very nice. And you know, she’s one of our customers here in San Antonio. And she says, hey, why can I get the 20% discount? I had to explain it to her. Well, you know, there used to be a lot of storm chasers coming around. They used to pay deductibles. Ulysses, you remember you told me before you got into the roofing business. That’s how you got your roof.

Ulysses 12:36
Absolutely. Yep, they offered to pay my deductible, which with the new house bill, it’s not allowing us to do that any longer.

Duane Charping 12:43
That’s right. And now so you know, what happened is my customer called in and she says, hey, why can’t I get this 20% off? I don’t understand. You know, and so me as the owner, I wanted to take the time to explain it to her because, you know, she was told by a friend. That she works with she got her deductible paid, you know, and there was a time you could do this. And it was about two years ago, she got her deductible paid, and she says oh they’re not telling you the truth. I’ll tell you, folks, this House Bill 2023. You look it up the Texas House Bill will not allow you to get your deductible paid. There’s a lot of fraudulent bad work that was going on. Here’s the fact if somebody’s paid your deductible. And what that lady’s friend doesn’t understand. If they paid a deductible, you take a $10,000 job got a $2,000 deductible and get the job done for $8,000. And they only make 20% overhead and profit because that’s what the insurance regulates. Well, that means paying a $2000 deductible. There goes the overhead profit. So how’s he running the roof? Is he doing it for free? No, you think he’s gonna do it for free? And it’s too good to be true. It isn’t. It’s a fact. He’s gonna keep the felt paper on. He’s got paint the pipe vets. He’s going to give you new shingles. But he’s going to keep all the rest of all the damage. And they’re going to hide it. And that’s how they’re able to do it and pay your deductible. That’s why it became an industry problem. The mortgage industries were being robbed, the people that buy your house next were being robbed. All this bad work was being plugged into our industry because of it. And all the way down to human trafficking, folks. I mean, if these guys aren’t paying your deductible, that means they got to find a Mexican guy out there for $50 a day. You think that’s right to pay a guy $50 a day to break his back to put a roof on your house. This is the problem and this is why all these issues have stopped deductibles from being paid. And you know, we won’t do it. We’re not going to commit any felonies, we won’t break any rules. But what did we do for you? We get the best financing program in the world. I will finance anybody’s deductible zero percent. If you want to pay $50 a month, you could pay $50 a month on your deductible and you don’t have to worry about you know, slave labor some poor guy out there to put the roof on. You don’t have to worry about, you know, getting a poor job or shortcuts being done on your roof, because the roof is the most important thing you got on your house, right? I mean, you don’t want to play around with that. So you know, call roof fix. You want a good honest company to take care of your roof. And you know, this is one thing I can tell you about. Big U and me. We’re honest, we’ve been doing this for a long time. And we want your business and we will work really hard. And if our price is not the best price you will receive, there must be a reason for it and we’ll show you the difference. And it will be an educated buying decision because we are not there to talk you into a roof. If you don’t need a roof, matter of fact roof fix has four different solutions. We have a repair option. We’re home of the roof tuneup. Were, we’ll come out and tune up your old roof and give you a three to a five-year warranty. So you don’t have to replace that roof We’ll give you policy protection and we also give you a policy guarantee that at the time you need to buy a new roof for your house, we’ll refund you up to 15 to $2,000 on the purchase of your repair or your tune-up on your roof, so come on, it’s almost like getting your repair done for free. You know this is a deal of a lifetime for you. You could get a tune-up, you could get a repair. Or maybe your roof is all stained up and the algae is eating away cutting the life of your shingle down. We will sell you a shampoo cleaning product that will seal the whole roof give you a five-year warranty certify your roof. And it is fractions of the cost of a new roof just give us a call 210-454-2400 or if you’re in Houston. If you want to call Big U will answer any questions you have. You could call him today. So if you guys call Sunday right now, in the middle of the show, or even after the show, you can go ahead and call Big U. Give them your personal number, Big U.

Ulysses 17:05
My personal number is going to be 281-542-1922. And just remember we do commercial, residential and industrial. So we’ll do all the roofs from here to the coast. So definitely we do everything statewide. If you have anything, any needs at all, we take care of it. No problem, no questions asked. We’ll take care of you all day long, all night long. 24 hours a day. If you have an incident in the middle of the night, give us a call. We’ll come out right then and come see you and get it correct.

Duane Charping 17:06
Hey, you know, we’ve been having a good time while you’ve been up here in San Antonio, and, you know, working with our staff and our team members and I’ve been down to your office, I love the culture and everything you got, you know, that’s what I think makes us so successful. is you know, all the people that work for us. You know, I’d love to say it was just me and you Big U that made this company so successful. But you know, just the people, I am so thankful that we have them working for us. Everybody has a purpose-driven life, a serving heart. And they really love their job. I mean, what do you think about that, that the office meeting today just you know, how caring our staff is for our serving our customers.

Ulysses 18:17
And that’s the whole thing is, you know, we have a great team, obviously, they’re at the forefront to step out and make sure that they take care of the customers and they treat everybody, just like if we were treating you personally. So definitely contact one of our team members, they’re here, if you have any problems at all, contact us directly, give you my cell phone number, which is 832-818-5643. So if you have any, any problems at all, any concerns, we’re here to resolve them. You know, we’re not saying that we don’t make mistakes, but we will follow through and get them corrected.

Duane Charping 18:53
Yep, that’s right. transparency. You know, if we make a mistake, if we break it, we fix it. You know, we go into that and we’re gonna go a little bit more into that next week, so when you tune in next Sunday, we’re going to be talking about terms and conditions. Because a lot of people are engaging in these contracts, especially after a storm. If you sign a storm agreement, folks, you’re signing an agreement that has no guarantees. No coverage and is tying you to something that is really dangerous, because you got somebody knocking on your door, they’re acting like they’re doing you a favor, they act like they’re going to get your roof covered, folks, your insurance company is going to cover your roof. So have a company that is the thoroughbred that knows how to work with your insurance companies that already have a relationship with your insurance company, knows the adjusters, and we’ll make sure you get covered right, covered fairly, and we’ll make sure you have no leaks. We’ll make sure there’s no water coming into your house. As I said, we’re both very knowledgeable. We worked very hard to get where we’re at in this business, and we want your business, we want to take care of you guys. We want to continue to be the number one rated roofing company. We strive if we make a mistake, just give us that opportunity we’ll get it taken care of, we’ll make it right. And you know, we’ll resolve any issues. Check, check out Google. Look what people are saying about us. I mean, it’s just so awesome what my team members our project managers do. Our managers inspect what we expect there’s total accountability of everything that we do in the company here. And you know, you can get that free no-obligation estimate and full inspection just by calling 210-454-2400 Yes, folks call today here on Sunday. Get that inspection lined out. And you know, let’s watch that weather system coming in. You know, we uh, I want to make a small correction because we are not live here today and we are broadcasting on Thursday so we by the time you folks here this the storm, we’re talking about and warning you about will have passed.

We didn’t think about that, but hey, we came in on Thursday, we normally come on either Saturday or Sunday. But I wanted to make sure we got Big U in here today. And, you know, that’s how we answer your questions is go to and we make sure we answer those questions and bring them out on every show. But uh, you know if anybody has any systems that came through from this last storm that is blowing through the Houston and hitting the San Antonio market area, call us today. We’ll get somebody out even on a Sunday. We’ll go seven days a week. We have a full-service team. We specialize in service repair, roof replacement of all kinds. And like, Big U said, we do commercial, industrial. I mean, you guys are working out on the big refineries. I mean, y’all get called out whenever they have problems. We have highly skilled professionals that know how to work with engineers, roof engineering. You know, we do all commercial roofing. We’ve done all the police stations, the libraries. Here in the San Antonio market area, we keep them maintained. We do a lot of the local property we do the Wendys, the Seven Elevens so there’s no job too small either folks, the people that got little problems, don’t be worried, give roof fix a call. We’ll take care of the smallest problem out there. And hey, if it’s temporary, we’ll do it for free. So you know, we are serious about helping our community. We have a lot of pride in what we’re doing. We love changing the industry, the roofing industry that has the worst complaints than any other industry out there. So we take a lot of pride in cleaning up an industry doing everything with integrity, being transparent. We do not hide behind terms and conditions. Most people that crack your driveway, you got to pay for it. If they hit a water line, hit your AC line, and it happens folks. I hit about two AC lines last year and cracked one driveway guess what roof fix and I’ll tell you it was out in the Dominion it was a big driveway. You know, Dr. Ervin out there we cracked his driveway in three places it was pretty brittle. You could contact him we fixed that driveway, he was pleasantly surprised. We went beyond the service that we were providing. And so you know, most roof companies say well, we have to access the driveway and that big heavy equipment with those big heavy tiles on there, and they just will not take responsibility if you turn their contracts over it says we will not cover broken driveways. So watch out for those terms and conditions. They can end up costing you thousands of unexpected dollars. If we break it we fix it. It’s that simple. We are guaranteed. We know that you aren’t expecting something like this why would you dare take the liability on well a lot of people don’t know this you know, I mean a Big U did you know that when they came out and did your roof is that they cracked your driveway?

Ulysses 23:57
No, I did not. I did not I was pleasantly surprised when I talked to the doctor and he was so excited and appreciative that we corrected it.

Duane Charping 24:05
Right, right. So, you know, this is something that we take pride in doing. And like you said, you know, if we do make a mistake, we’re not sitting here. You know, we worked really hard for the reputation we have, but we’re very transparent. You know, mistakes do happen. You know, we use metal detectors along with magnets to make sure we pick up every nail so there’s not a nail left behind. But if one is left behind, and we find the nail, we’ll go back and resweep the whole entire yard again. And we’ll do it again to start the year out with a bang 20% off all roofs. I don’t care if its tile, metal, singles. We have a big sale. This Co-Op sponsorship through our manufacturers that we’re able to pass these savings over to you and it’s huge savings, or you can take advantage of our zero percent financing program. No money down, zero percent interest. You could go all the way up to 16 months if you want a real small payment, or you could do no payments all the way until 2022. Yes, folks not pay a dime for your roof for two years, zero percent interest. If you decide to pay it off, you could pay it off, or you could just continue to make payments on it. We’re gonna make that easy for you here at roof fix. So call us here 210-454-2400. Call us today 210-454- 2400 or you can go to or call Houston give them your number. Again.

Ulysses 25:37
My number is 281-542-1922 that gets directly to the office. And if you want to reach me directly on my cell phone at 832-818-5643 and again, is our website.

Duane Charping 25:57
Yep, you go to Learn everything about what we’re doing. And, you know, if you have any questions, you can always call me. I’m Duane Charping, your host here on the radio show, and the owner of roof fix, and I will proudly guarantee every customer their satisfaction If you do business with roof fix. You got owners that really care. And we look forward for y’all to tune in again because we are going to be here every Sunday at five o’clock. So thank you all. And if you need us, give us a call. But make sure that you don’t pass this opportunity up. We have people taking your calls today. Y’all have a great Sunday, and we will be talking to you next Sunday at five o’clock. And we’ll be talking about terms and conditions. And, you know, any questions that you have will be answered on there. Just go to with your questions, and we’ll get those answers to you. Y’all have a great day.