This week on The Roof Fix Show, Duane Charping is joined by Ryan Sterling to address a customer email. Duane and the team contacted by a customer who was trapped in a contract from a general contractor who was not providing the services requested but was still demanding payment. Roof Fix and our legal team were able to get the customer out of that situation and deliver on everything the customer needed.

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Duane Charping

It’s Sunday, everybody, this is the Duane Charping and owner of roof fix and your host here at the roof fix everything under the roof radio show we talk about here and we’re here to meet your needs. And I’m accompanied here with my co-host, Ryan Sterling.

Ryan Sterling

Hey guys, how’s it going?

Duane Charping

We got a lot of great news. We got some big things happening and we want to thank all the emails that are coming in you know you can if you have any questions or problems or issues, just let us know. You know we had an email last week about a customer that was having a problem with a general contractor that was tying them to a contract but was not living up to his obligations. And they needed our help to get them out of the contract and I simply when reviewing the contract agreement that they had. And they had given the contractor some money down. He delivered materials but did not deliver the workmanship was continuing to have leaks. So they wanted to hire a new roofer to take over because the guy was not meeting up to his obligations. They hired a new roofer. And then this roofer came back and was trying to get them penalized for a breach of contract and was trying to get them to pay the whole amount. I mean, it was a pretty ugly scene wasn’t it? And so anyway, we’re glad to be able to help this customer. One of the things that we did not see on the contract was a three day right of rescission that has to be a number 12 font, and by the Federal Trade Commission and, and doing business here in Texas, anytime a sale is done in the home, you have what’s called a three day right of rescission. And because that commerce was not practiced, that was not a null end void contract. The contractor did not have any leg to stand on. And right now is being audited by the Federal Trade Commission due to his bad practices, bullying of the customer showing up on their doorstep, disrespecting the Mrs. of the home, and we are so happy to be involved with that and use our legal team. And that all came through just a simple email the customer emailed and says, Hey, what do I do? I listen to your show all the time. This guy is threatening and then the guy puts a lean right on their house. And you know, you can’t lean a house because of a breach of contract. The only time you can put a lean on a house if you provided services, goods, and material that were delivered, and the customer wasn’t paying that bill, right then you could go put what’s called a mechanic’s lean.

Well, he went out and put a mechanic’s lean on their home without even doing the work. So this contractor, and you know, you can’t believe I mean, this is this contract has been around for years. You know, we’re not gonna put them out on the air or call them out. But we just gotta say, if you ever get yourself in that situation, you know, that’s what we’re here for. We are here to clean up an industry, you know, so many times, you know, you hear, you know, especially in politics and this and that, you know, everybody wants a president that does the right thing, you know, but Oh, don’t build a wall. Don’t do this. But then they’ll go hire a roofer. So they can save money on their deductible, that uses human trafficking to put the roof on. Talking out of both sides of your mouth, right? I mean, if you’re getting something for nothing, somebody is paying the price for it. That’s it, you know, there are some bad practices going on out there. And typically, you know, you’re getting a bad job and don’t even know it. I mean, you’re not there when the roofs going on. And a lot of people think a roof is a roof.

Now there are lots of ways to cheat a roof. Most contractors are what we see is are using three nails per shingle right? It doesn’t even meet any warranty standard out there at all, but a three nail pattern is a lot faster to install. They’re reusing the underlayment meaning they’re not tearing down to the decking, not expecting the decking. And let me tell you when we’re working insurance claims, that’s when we find all the problems, a lot of added problems from the decking, and then you know, not using the right component systems and get the warranty and protection.

Well, you know, if you’re taking an insurance job that only pays 20% profit and overhead, that saves a $10,000 job, but you have $2,000 deductible, the contractor decides to pay that deductible. How the heck is he gonna do your job with only 8000 when he only made $2,000 profit, but he gave that back to the deductible he’s gonna cut corners. Yeah, he’s not gonna do the job for free guys. So he’s going to cut labor find some guys out there on the corner street that jumps in the back truck for $50 to $75 a day. That’s one way he can make money. Another way he can make money he’s leaving down the fountain reuse the components of spray painting them and make them look new and just give you new shingles or even an overlay where it cuts back to first run around the house. And it looks like it’s a single layer, but then you end up when you look at the other roof you got two-three layers. I got houses out there we do rooftops, you got seven layers a dang felt

Ridiculous, but that is what’s commonly practiced. This is why we are the worst industry rated at the Better Business Bureau 36,000 consumer complaints. And typically that’s because everybody’s trying to get a deal that’s kinda cutting under the profit and overhead, right? I mean, you try to do that at McDonald’s and try to cut out that profit and overhead, I’d like to see what kind of burger you’re going to eat. You know you won’t do that. But you will do it when it comes to your roof. So be careful these roofers. You know, when working with insurance, we have a set state-regulated price. And now with this new House Bill 2023 that came out and was passed in April. This house bill is a felony if your contractor submits or talks to you about paying your deductible. So now you know when you’re talking to a contractor, he says he’ll pay your deductible. Do you wanna do business with a felon? Cause he already showed his colors. I mean, he’s like I’ll pay your deductible. Now you know you gotta hustling little felon that’s gonna do something wrong because it is a felony and it is insurance fraud. And you know, it’s a pretty serious offense for the homeowner too.

So this house bill is being practiced and is being regulated. And now most insurance companies have not all I’m seeing, you know, we’re having to go back and prove the deposit of the deductible being paid, showing the front and back of the check and the deposit slip that we ran the check. I mean, getting used to this new house bill, has been a lot of change that we had to do internally at our office. So we could get your depreciations released. Folks, depreciation, that’s a funny word the insurance company uses it should be called hold back money. A lot of homeowners when they hear depreciation, they don’t think they’re getting that money. And then they go out there and do what the insurance companies want. Go out there and get the cheapest price and then not get the depreciation money cause you think you got a deal over some cheap contractor doing your job. You got a bad job, nobody invoices the insurance company and they say 3000 or 4000 and then you got a really cheap job done. Well you know that’s what you count on with roof fix is we are going to take care of all those headaches for you. We install an amazing roof system.

We’re a Master Elite contractor, and we have really great news we are so happy about we have won the Angie’s List Super Service Award, four years running, and at the same time, we have been awarded by GAF the triple excellent award. And this is some exciting news for you guys because man we came out with a really great sale in November. And people took advantage of it. Well, what came along with this triple excellent award was $1 rebate back for every bundle shingles we bought last year that we can apply to a sale. So we are going to announce it to you guys before anybody else. This is a limited time offer. With the phones called this offer can run out in two to three weeks. We have so much Co-Op money to work with. But we are going to do half off labor on metal and shingle roofs. We’re going to use up this Co-Op money to help cut the cost of our roofing so you can get the roof at absolute the best price. Now, if you have an insurance claim, these sales do not qualify because we’re on different margins and its against the new house bill to discount an insurance claim in any way or to get the roof done for free. All you have to do is pay your deductible so you can’t get a sale applied. All right. However, if you are paying out of pocket or looking to upgrade your roof, our architectural lifetime warranty shingle has the best dorm damage guarantee in the industry, labor materials covered for life. for 50 years, it will be the last roof you put on your home. And we are doing half off the labor that’s 50% off labor. Or you could take advantage of five years, zero percent interest with no money down. Or you if you need to just not pay anything for the first two years. If you want to wait till 2022 and zero percent interest, no money down to make your first payment, and 2022 you can definitely go that route also. Both of them are the best deal that we could give. It is definitely the time to get your roof looked at.

Now, we pride ourselves on being a solution company. You know, if you don’t need a new roof, we’re not gonna sell you a new roof. We run one of the biggest service departments J.R. is the head of that department. Ryan Sterling here is the head of all production run in our company and quality control. He’ll take care of customers he inspects what we expect. So you make sure you’re getting the service provided. Everybody’s GAF certified as installers with us background checked, we know who’s coming out to your home, right? We have a no nail left behind policy where we’ll clean up your yard or continue going back until every nail is lifted out of that yard. You know, we care about your animals, we care about your family, we’re going to go the extra mile. And we’re going, to be honest, all of our guys have high integrity, our estimates are no obligation. Matter of fact, we won’t twist your arm we’re not gonna ask you to buy. We’re going to educate you. We’re going to inform you, educate you and show you why it’s a benefit to do business with roof fix. And because of that, we have won the Super Service Angie’s List four years running, you know, we maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Go read our reviews on Google. I mean, you can see that you know, the proof is in the pudding right on the outstanding service but you got more than that. You got to own or like me, and you got somebody Working hard as a project manager like Ryan’s Sterling here, that we will guarantee your satisfaction, right? You know, if we make a mistake, we’ll be transparent about it, we’ll correct it. And again, we do not hide behind terms and conditions, folks, read those contracts, turn them over. If they crack your driveway, if they hit an ac line, if they hit a water line, they do not cover those damages and those could cost thousands of dollars. If we break it, we fix it. That’s what you can count on at roof fix. And we recommend that everybody gets an estimate, you know, or gets the roof looked at if they haven’t had the roof looked at. We have a repair team. We have people that just want peace of mind, want to take advantage of what’s called policy protection, tuneup plan we annually and will do this for anybody, even if you don’t get a tune-up or do any service for us. If you just want to call us to say I want to be on your annual once a year roof inspection plan.

So y’all come out, do the photos, drone photos, show us our roof is in good condition. That’s absolutely no cost to you. But if you need a repair, we could give you an inexpensive repair. If your roof has algae, and you know algae and that fungus and lichen. They are eating away at the shingle, they store up heat, making your roof not as efficient. Deteriorating your roof and we could prolong the life of it by doing what we call roof shampoo. It’s a non pressured non-toxic chemical that cleans that roof preserves it we go back with a sealer to tighten up all the granules, give you a five-year warranty. And policy protection that goes along with that, whenever it comes a time that you need a new roof, we will credit you 1500 dollars at a time you need a roof, we will credit that towards your new roof. And that’s with the tuneup that’s with the shampoo. And that’s with policy protection. So policy protection guarantees that we keep all pipes sealed, keep the roof healthy, very inexpensive policy protection plan. It’s a way to get your roof repaired and protected and peace of mind for a little bit of the cost. That’s what a roof tuneup means folks. And then if you want to go to roof replacement, we do metal roofs. We do shingle roofs, we do tile roofs, we do all roofs, folks, this is what we do we do very well. You know, we do have a full general contracting service. So if you want a one-stop shop and you like our performance and how we do business, you know, we could do everything for you in your home.

We’re really encouraging you even if you aren’t thinking about a new roof, or if you haven’t gotten your roof inspected. Call us 210-454-2400 call today. We have people answering your phone calls seven days a week. We have the most state of the art phone room, these people are skilled. They know what they’re talking about. Jenelle is amazing. We’ve been bragging all week of how awesome and friendly she is and how she gets your information and she follows up she makes you that our guys are never late. She keeps you well informed. You know, communication is something I’m really proud that all of our team members have done a really good at job-solving in 2019 and going into 2020. You’ve got some really top performers working in our office? We certainly do.

Ryan Sterling

Let me tell you about yesterday we had a little bit of storm damage come in and one of our customers under policy protection. I went out and visited in the morning to see what was going on. They had a roof leak, J.R had his crew our service manager out there the same day. They had five foot of ridge cap blow off, and they were fixed before we have this weather come in tomorrow. So same day service.

Duane Charping

You know we are notorious for that, right? You can read that in our reviews, right? If rain is coming in. And we get a call even if you’re not a customer, right? Do free temps for our community. We did six of them last week with the weather coming in. And good to say we kept all those people dry before the storms were coming in and so something we value, we’re looking for a long term relationship with our customers. We’re not looking to make all our money on the first job, our profit and overhead are very reasonable. And when you get really great companies, they charge really high prices. You know, we didn’t become number one, number one rated by overcharging our customers, we do educate you and show you the difference of buying a right roof system than a wrong roof system. And that’s not that’s just not taking advantage of our customers. You know, we want to make sure we’re not destroying the wind bracing by adding inadequate ventilation or ridge vents. You know you hear so many people giving away ridge vents, right? Well, ridge vents do work only in the proper applications. And so if they’re not taking full inspection like we use thermal cameras, we see the flow of that ventilation, we make sure to soft that has the right intake, the right exits, and we’re making sure we’re getting maximum efficiency and keeping moisture out of your attic in the wintertime and keeping the heat down in the summertime turns out to save your shingles, saves your utilities gives you a long-lasting roof.

Like I said, folks, if you buy a roof from roof fix, it’s most likely the last roof you’ll ever put on your house again, right? And we pride ourselves on doing the job, right. That’s why we’re a master elite GAF certified contractor, only 1% of your contractors in America qualify to be a master elite. And by being a master elite, we get these additional advantages, like the savings that we’re getting from GAF now that we’re able to pass the savings, give you a 50% off labor and the best financing out there. We’re not making any money off financing its zero down zero percent interest and you could go out as much as 60 months. That’s five years folks. So if you want a low monthly payment, and pay no interest And get a great roof or if you want to roof now not have to pay for it for two years on the same zero down zero-percent financing program, just give us a call 210-454-2400 or go to You know this is something we pride ourselves on. And again, we just want to announce that everybody 4 years running. I have never seen a roofing company do it more than two years running.

We were really hyped up when we got three years running. Right, but you want to see an office that was ready to party? Oh, man, we were excited because we worked so hard for it. Right. You know, it is a lot of hard work that we have to do. You know, keeping our communication you know, nobody who praises you for a great job you do. They only remember you for the one time you do a bad job. That’s right, right. It is unfortunate and when that does happen, we are out there to make it right. You know, we care about our brand or reputation, we care and we, you know, it’s just like you all folks, Have y’all care about what you do at work. And if somebody comes and says, hey, you’re not doing your job, you know, you can be pretty sensitive, certainly, well, we are really sensitive about it. And we are, you know, we show, you know, humbleness us to our customers that, you know, and we’re very transparent. If we make a mistake, we own up to it, we apologize for it. And we come up with a solution, so we can get through it together. And, you know, we’re always going to do the right thing. You know, if you do make a mistake, folks, so this is something with your contractors to or anybody out there, you know, and if a contractor is willing to redo it and go through extensive details to make sure that you do the job and get the job done, right.

Are you going to expect them to discount the job because of your experience, right? That’s kind of ridiculous. Now, this is what normally happens when they do something that ain’t right. I tried to hide that they didn’t and make excuses for it. And then they may give you a discount, so they don’t have to correct it, right. But if you got a contractor that goes out and spends all his profit in the job, and makes the job, right, or even in most cases loses money by doing the right thing. You don’t turn around and just throw salt in his wound and tell them that, hey, I want you to give me some money off. I mean, you agreed on the agreement. We are not in a perfect world. There’s no, I mean, you can’t get free mail. The mail doesn’t come in the next day. You know, I mean, you can’t, you know, I mean, you know, people make mistakes, but the difference is, is being transparent, not wearing a mask, being humble and taking care of your customers. And that’s what we pride ourselves on and I will say this, that we have our one-percenters, right, you know, typically we’re doing our job, right?

We have processes and procedures, and Ryan runs those processes and procedures, and it’s just a blessing to hear as an owner. I get to hear good, bad and ugly, meaning if there’s a customer that is dissatisfied with the service that we provided, you actually get to talk to me as the owner. I’m not hidden behind the wall though. They’ll ask Ryan, can I talk to the owner, right? And you know what, I’ll reach out, I’ll come out and meet with the customer. And I don’t care how small the job is. It could be a $200 repair. It could be a $100,000 tile job at a dominion. I will visit every customer is important no matter what you spend, because I value our reputation. We want to do a great job, we won the Super Service Angie’s List 4 years running now, A+ plus rated with the Better Business Bureau. The triple excellent award, GAF master elite with GAF. I mean, you know, this is something that you can count on when you get a roof from roof fix. And then what other roofing company is going to give you four different solutions. That’s the difference that we make. Right? I can tell you that right now.

Give us an opportunity to come out and evaluate your roof. Give you a free estimate. You know you can call us today at 210-454-2400 or visit our website. And if you’re driving down the road, listen to the show. You can also call 210 fix roof or if you’re in the hill country 830 got roof. Now we also serve Houston for your listeners in Houston right? We have great office great staff. And you know our home here is in San Antonio but our new office and what we’re doing there is being run by a local owner and operator of roof fix in Houston Ulysses Logan, right? He’s amazing has been in the business for a really long time. And I can trust our brand to be effectively ran right and run the same operations we do here. And Ulysses is just doing a remarkable job and we offer all the same discounts that we offer here in San Antonio to folks out there in Houston and soon opening in the Dallas location. And I think we’re about 30 days away from that. Yeah, yeah, we’re getting there. It’s been one year since we got the office at Dallas, right? It’s been one year to get all the training and the staff members, there was a big investment, but we just don’t open up our doors and start roofing, we got a background check, put processes in place, build a hold system. So we’re currently taking business now. But we’ll be fully up and operating. And that office will be running on its own within 30 days by Kelly Dennis.

So Roof Fix is always up, you know, trying to expand quality service. What we’re trying to do is change an industry, right. You know, this is our industry, one of the worst reputations out there, and you can count on us. You know, this is why so many people do business with us. This is why Martin Bomba you know, he endorses us. You know he has the Home Improvement Show every Saturday. And you know, we did his house, you know, now you know, Ken5. They endorsed us, Paul, the weatherman. Right we did his house right here, what he’s up there talking about our services. He’s talking with experience, you know, and Arnie here at the studio, we did his house, you know, Vick our producer, we did his house, you know, I mean you know, the proof is in the pudding, you know, give us a call, there’s no obligation, and if we’re not a good fit, or if something has just not been explained, call me personally, or call Ryan. Any time anybody will answer your needs, even if you want to do a project yourself, we’ll help you, you know, we want to make sure that you know, roofs are being done, right. We don’t mind. You know, we recommend everybody go local, you know, to watch out for the storm chasers watch out for the out of state people. There’s a lot of people making a lot of promises, and under-delivering the roofing service, or they have no ethics when it comes to hiring and properly taking care of their people. We’re only as good as we are because we care about the people that work for us. And if that means anything to you folks, where you’re coming company, you know, call us at 210-454-2400. What else can you think of Ryan? Oh, solar fix.

Ryan Sterling

We are already training on some things with the new products and Panasonic, Hyundai. And Tesla of course.

Duane Charping

Yeah, we’re going to a big convention up there. And, you know, we got our technicians. And, you know, we started doing a few jobs already are doing a gas station right now. Right? You know, we’re really happy how that’s going. It’s real big. It only makes sense that roofers put the solar on the roof. And with every roof, if you want your house to be solar-ready, we put the brackets on your roof for free. So you’ll be ready to do solar, anytime that you move forward. And that’s something that we’d like to provide. So you don’t have to tear on your roof. Right, if you decide to go solar, so just let us know if solar is something you’re thinking about. We’ll pre engineer and set up your roof for solar and then whenever you’re ready, solar is not that expensive, you know. So all right, folks, well, we want you to keep on emailing us your questions. Let’s get these answers for you. We’re really thankful for what we did for our customer on the Dominion that had this real bad contracting issue.

And we were able to get that resolved for him and, you know, give them peace of mind and you know, we want to continue to serve our communities right and serve our customers and do the absolute best job that we can. And you know, we’re always open to hear your opinions. And you know, always able to, you know, want to correct anything or make anything better. That’s what we’re about. We’re always growing and you know, we’ll take really good care of you. So be sure to get that free roof inspection. If you know, if you got streaking or anything get that shampoo. If you’re looking at updating to a metal roof, there’s no more factory direct than roof fix, we handle, fabricate and have our own facility.

We cut out the middleman we’ll give you the absolutely the best price on metal roofing you’ve ever seen and will spec the roof to withstand 140 mile per hour winds. And we’ll give you a true 40-year warranty on labor and material. We have the best shingle warranty guarantee 50 years on architectural shingles on labor and material, we have policy protection, that if you get your roof repaired, you can get a 1500 dollar credit towards your new roof anytime, every time. So it’s almost like getting that repair done for free. You know, we work with the insurance companies. So you know, we’ll take care of any of your insurance claims and make sure you’re being covered properly. Everything’s getting paid out. And we’ll do everything with high integrity when we work with the insurance companies and high integrity with working with you.

Thank you so much for tuning in. And, you know, again, we can’t wait to be back here next Sunday. And so always tune in to the Roof Fix radio show. Every Sunday at nine o’clock. We are signing out and can’t wait to get these questions. And thank you very much for all of our customers and thank you for all of our listeners. Thanks, everyone. Talk to you on Sunday.