Do you have questions about how insurance deductibles work when you need to get a new roof? Look no further, Duane Charping of Roof Fix has the answers!

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It’s time to raise the roof. You’re listening to the Roof Fix show with your host Duane Charping shouting from the rooftops over 30 years of Home Improvement experience and roof expertise. Solid advice about roof repairs, replacements, leaks, insurance claims, warning signs, and the ever popular small print. It’s all about the shingles under the sunshine, the Roof Fix Show. Happy Sunday, Sunday Sunday San Antonio in South Texas. Welcome to the roof fix show right here on KTSA news talk radio. We’re glad you could join us today. Hope you’re having a great day. My name is Arnie I’m sitting in studio with my good friend and owner of Roof Fix, Duane Charping.

Duane Charping

Hello Hello everybody. This is Duane Charping, your host of the Roof Fix Show. And we talk about everything under the sun. I’m here with Ryan Sterling.

Ryan Sterling

Hey there How y’all doing?

Duane Charping

And we’re gonna roll out this exciting Sunday here with some really cool things that we got going on here at Roof Fix. You know this month we are doing a energy audit for our customers. Part of our free roofing estimates and if you want just an energy audit, we’ll also do just the energy on it. But basically what we do is we bring a little technology to your home and see how your home is performing. With every new roof bought, we are offering this to our KTSA customers.

And we want you to know that we are going to give you a free radiant barrier. So this radiant barrier can save up to 25% of your utility cost. It lays on top of the insulation on in your attic and it helps reflect that heat from coming into your living space of your home. You know of course when we come out we look at attic ventilation to make sure the soffits are bringing the cool air in and they have the proper amount of exit vents going. With this and a combination of the radiant barrier. We are seeing big savings.

The reason why we are bringing this out free with our roofing products is because we picked up this line in the beginning of the year we went to the international roof convention up in Dallas. They had selected our company for the amount of revenue and business that we do here in our community that they wanted to go ahead and give us about 20,000 square feet to go ahead and introduce out to the marketplace. We will also track your kilowatt usage and make sure that it’s actually saving the energy as they’re claiming it’s going to do. So if you want to take advantage of this free radiant barrier offer and get big savings on your roof.

Now this offer’s good with all metal roofs, you know, Roof Fix does all the Standing Seam Metal fabrication. We’re a one stop shop, we don’t have to sub any of that work out. We do all the the fabrication and we will install the metal roof and we give you a lifetime warranty on labor material. This is a great offer you can also take advantage of our zero money down, zero percent interest and no payments until 2022. Right So, you know take advantage of this offer on our shingle roofs.

Also, we’re doing the same thing so you get the free radiant barrier and zero money down zero percent interest and no payments until 2022. We also have some really low monthly payment options so those if you did not think that a brand new metal roof for your home or a brand new roof in the shingle GAF Timberline roof edition is something you could afford right now. If you can afford starting at $89 a month on a shingle roof, and about $159 a month on a metal roof, if that’s something that can fit your budget, you can definitely afford an awesome new roof from Roof Fix. Remember when Roof Fix does a roof for you, we use our certified installer.

We are not using day laborers or people that are unqualified to put this roofing system up so you get a real difference and a real roofing company that is going to put the most important component on your home and make sure that we stand by it. All of our metal roofs and shingle roofs are backed with a lifetime warranty. They should be the last roof you ever have in your home. You know this is all brought to you from Roof Fix. Now, we are going to be talking about some of the things about what’s coming up is about insurance. You know and with the new house build some of the different regulations.

By the way, we had a great home show last week. I had a really good turnout, you know, we like to bring the most innovative products out that we use, and we introduced them at the home shows. And this year, Ryan, you got to enjoy learning how to drive a robot to the roof.

Ryan Sterling

Yeah, that was a great experience, you know, the laser measuring and the different cameras and angles and just the performance of that thing. It was unbelievable. And how it can ride on that 1212 pitch. It just really blew me away, you know, the designer came in and taught us how to use it. And it was just a great experience.

Duane Charping

But you know that one of the things why we bring this kind of technology is we’re arming ourselves up to make sure that we can represent you the very best to your insurance company in a claim. And so the robot is a technology that we use that can actually measure held debt penetration. It can also show it all the way down to a decade.

So a lot of homeowners don’t understand you know, if you had a claim last year or you haven’t had your roof inspected yet, you know, call Roof fix. We do a free inspection. But you know one of the things that you need to know with the technology today, if you had a roof that was turned down, but you had neighbors on each side of you get a new roof, but your insurance company didn’t cover it, give us a call. Because, you know, we have the technology, we got to fight for you to make sure that you’re properly taken care of by the insurance companies and get this.

A lot of people that get their check, you know, and we see this from a few clients come up to us at the home show. They get a settlement check. They don’t understand depreciation, hold back. The depreciation money is a portion of money that the insurance company will hold back to make sure you get your roof done. But the initial inspection of your roof even by your insurance company can only be physically inspected from the outside service. So you know, we get so many customers trying to shop us and you have to understand, they don’t know how insurance works. And I mean we did have a young couple come to our booth and say hey, will you help us out with your with the deductible?

You know, that has been something that you might hear a friend or somebody say. Oh, I got my deductible paid for by my roofer. Well, let me tell you, he didn’t get a good roof. No, there’s no way you can get a good roof let’s say if a roof cost $10,000 you got to $2,000 deductible and he only leaving the roof for $8,000 to do your roof when it is during a crisis of a hailstorm or windstorm. You know, the insurance companies are not overpaying to get your roof. You know, they’re minimizing they’re keeping the cost down.

So these roofers are not tearing off the shingles properly or they don’t tear down to the decking and hiding a lot of hidden damage. And when an inspector comes out and inspects your roof from the insurance company, he can only inspect the surface he does not have X-ray vision and the only time that you can really inspect past the surface of the roof is when you tear the roof off. And what do you think the percentage of plywood replacement is when we tear a roof off of it’s pretty high. Right?

Ryan Sterling

I’d say 20%. Across the board sometimes.

Duane Charping

For a complete decking removal right?

Ryan Sterling

Sometimes it is yeah.

Duane Charping

And I mean, we’re probably replacing decking on every roof that we do one portion or another. Right?

Ryan Sterling

The last one I looked at was 80% of the plywood got replaced.

Duane Charping

A lot of times when homeowners are out there, and you’re wondering why there’s so many complaints. 36,000 consumer complaints out there last year from the Better Business Bureau in San Antonio alone. So if you’re another cities that are listening area like Houston, Corpus Christi, you can check your local Better Business Bureau, but I will tell you, these are real high complaint numbers for our industry. And that is because they don’t know how it works. You know, there’s storm chasers that will come out and take the low hanging fruit, and they will do very minimum repair.

That cost is in the shingle. I mean, if we could just replace shingles on a house, roofing cost could be pretty inexpensive, but it’s the accessories that go along, right? You know, every time you add up the pipe, that’s the ridge vent a membrane, the membrane that we use underneath it, the new valleys and elite barriers and the advanced starter that gives you a lifetime warranty roof system. And code items like drip edge, and all your metal flashing, and your flashing around chimney. Yeah, you know, we could you could go onto our website and learn a lot about how flashing is done. It is very complicated. It’s not slapping a piece of metal around your chimney. In a repair division is the number one call that we get his flashing leaks correct.

Because roofers are not doing the flashings properly, and a lot of these roofs are brand new that we see these types of leaks on. So, we really encourage you give us a call. Take advantage of our special offers. We’re doing 20% off for big savings on metal and shingle plus, right repairs. And now we also offer what’s called the roof to nuts. So you know if you guys can already afford $59 a month, you could get a roof tune up on your home. And we monitor your roof for as long as you own the home. We will give you a roof monitoring service. And in our warranty period of five years we’ll guarantee no leaks.

If your roof leaks, we will repair any area it causes damage to. But also in our monitoring, we use technology like drone inspections, thermal cameras up in the attic, you get to have a peace of mind that we are can repair your roof and you’re not going to have any leaks or damage is coming into your home and you have a company that’s going to stand by you and monitor your roof. And then if any storm occurs, you get first response and the hardest time to find that roofing company is going to be when a storm hits.

You’re going to get a lot of these roofing companies coming out of town, and you know, they make you sign storm agreements, guaranteeing that you’ll give them a roof if they could get your insurance company to buy a new roof on your home. And then they come and do the minimized amount of work that will barely pass an exterior view of an inspection, but it will have none of the components that will make your roof have a warranty, right. So you know, if you want a good warranty, good protection, you know, deal with an honest company, Roof Fix recommends going local in these times, we will definitely help everybody in the community by offering free leak repair.

We’ll do free roof monitoring. And we will also make sure that we’re home of the zero percent financing. So if you need to make your deductible affordable, we can do that. Because the insurance companies are requiring to see that your deductible is paid. Since the new state law requires them. Yeah, and makes it a felony for a contractor to even offer to pay deductibles. Why do you think that is, folks? Because there was a lot of bad jobs that got put on the marketplace for a lot of quality in our industry.

And so, the real estate board and mortgage companies and even the roofing contractors that are the good roofing contractors out there that were part of this industry that was getting a shameful name right for bad services rendered to contract customers. And this is all based out of kind of like greed, I would say it is I mean, , if you get with your insurance company, and you could get a $500 deductible, or you get a $1,000 deductible or a 1% 2%, just depending on what premium you want to pay. And then you think you could go shop and get the deductible paid and get a quality roof. Let me tell you if it’s too good to be true. Yeah. It isn’t true, yeah, you cannot get a good job and get your deductible paid. There’s no way because they have to take the money from somewhere. And we’re not making that type of profit.

You know, the insurance companies, they pick and choose what they’re going to pay O and P on. You know, they don’t necessarily pay O and P on a roof replacement. O and P is profit overhead, where a company or general contractor roofer can make 20% gross profit on his profit and overhead, right. But there has to be multiple components damaged on your roof for him to even get that profitability.

So you know, already if you only have roof damage, there’s just a very minimum amount of money that the insurance companies is allowing to pay. And then you have roofers out there willing to cut the corners to make it work and put a roof on your house. But this roof would never stand up to the test of time because it wasn’t properly replaced.

Ryan Sterling

Yeah, manufacturer’s specifications. I mean, you have to research that.

Duane Charping

With GAF we’re a Master Elite Contractor we won the Triple Excellence A with GAF also. All of our installers are GAF certified. And you know, why Roof Fix picked GAF. They’re the largest shingle manufacturer out there. There’s another one called Owens Corning. These are the two big players, but we picked GAF because they have the 600% wider nail strip. They don’t put granules on their nail strips. So the pro grip feels a lot better.

They passed 150 mile per hour wind test rating early last year to introduce the new Timberline HDZ product. And this HDZ product doesn’t cost anything more, but you get a lot better of a shingle and you get no wind limits. Most roof manufacturers will give up to 60 mile per hour, 90 mile per hour and the highest I’ve seen is 130 miles per hour.

Well with GAF, there are no wind limits, you get a lifetime warranty covers labor and material. And it’s a real warranty. Most warranties that are offered with shingles, if they’re not installed properly, the warranty will be null and void. That’s right. When you deal with a Master Elite Contractor certified by GAF, you do not have to worry about those terms and conditions, you get a true lifetime warranty.

Ryan Sterling

That’s registered with the manufacturer. I mean, all the paperwork is put in place.

Duane Charping

Right and it this is a real warranty, folks. I mean, you hear about these companies and you know. We’ve been in business for a really long time, we’re A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. We won the Angie’s List Super Service Award four years straight. And, you know, we passed the benchmark of the five years of being in business. But five years of being in business 96% of roofers go out of business. So if a roofer is giving you a lifetime warranty, what is that warranty, five years, right? You know, so you want to manufacturers warranty. But if you just get a manufacturer’s shingle warranty, it’ll have so many terms and conditions, it doesn’t cover the labor portion or the replacement.

With the GAF Golden Pledge warranty, that you have to be a Master Elite Contractor as we are. To give it to our customers. It is a real warranty protection plan. And also from our metal roofing program, we have also policy protection that gives you a lifetime warranty on those. These are the last roofs you should ever have to put on your house. So we’re going to give you a 20% off, get an estimate. If you haven’t got your roof inspected, make sure that see if you got a hail claim.

Now, folks, we have to be clear on this too. Anybody that has an insurance claim. There are no discounts. You can’t take advantage of our 20% off because we have to actually lower our margins for the insurance company jobs to be able to run those jobs. At the end of the day, they’re going to make you pay your deductible. You can’t go out and get a discount on your deductible. So, if you’re not an insurance job, you could get a full 20% off the labor material on your new roof, metal or shingle, and we’re giving 20% off on a repair roof too and a tune up. And also we do roof shampoos.

We are doing 20% off on the roof shampoos too so all five service remember, Roof Fix is a solution company. If we can repair your roof we will not sell you a roof if you don’t need a new roof. That’s why we offer five different solutions to our homeowners making us the right choice when it comes to choosing your roofing contractor here because we are going to find a way to fit your budget and we are home of the payment plans with zero percent interest.

We also have long term financing. If you want a real little payment per month you could go long term financing. And we have interest rates as low as 2.9% in most cases. Sometimes 3.9% to 4.9%. The highest rate, and we’re talking about with some not so perfect credit, you know, maybe a bankruptcy or something. And we had 9.9% interest.

Duane Charping

If you don’t think you qualify, check us out, we could help you out with financing. And then we’re home of the zero percent financing on deductibles. We’ll do it on our new metal roofs and shingle roofs with no money down, you don’t have to give a penny down. And you can go ahead and be interest free and no payments until 2022. That gives you almost two years.

They come up with another source of how you want to pay it or just go to a zero percent financing program. So you know, we all try to make it a real good way to purchase roofs here. Roof Fix takes roofing very serious, we take our community very serious. We want to be a good company and as the Owner of Roof Fix, I guarantee your satisfaction. So you know, now’s the best time get ready.

You want to make sure that you’re covered before the storms come in least get on our roof monitoring. You can call our office and say hey, I want that free roof monitoring service. It is a great deal. Now with the roof tuneups and the shampoos. You know, we give you policy protection with the services also. Meaning if you do get a damaged roof, you get 1500 dollars back at the time that we come out and get you a new roof bought.

We write your policy Protection Plan check for 1500 dollars whenever you go into catastrophe. This policy protection is made for homeowners when they get a catastrophe that it gives them a little extra cash flow. It’s a little bit of an insurance policy that we sell with our tune-ups. And with our shampoo.

Ryan Charping

Let me say those shampoos. I mean, every one we do is just an amazing transformation. I mean the amount of money you have invested in changing the aesthetics of your roof, cleaning your roof, making it sanitary. We use a non toxic product. Oh, yeah, it’s unbelievable. And the transformation I mean, the curb appeal is unbelievable.

Duane Charping

And the mold is actually eating away at the current shingles, diminishing the life of your roof.

Ryan Sterling

It certainly is. It breaks down the adhesion properties of it and you know, just causes the granules to fall off. So we don’t want mold growing in our shingles. So take advantage.

Duane Charping

This is a real good deal. This is a great deal for your realtors out there too. Getting your customers homes on the market because if their roofs are streaking, curb appeal is going to affect the resale of your home. And we can make those roofs look brand new for the fractions of the cost of a new roof.

We get a lot of good protection and the person that selling the home, they don’t even have to pay for this until after the home is sold. So you we have them on a deferment programs so they’re not out of pocket at all. You get a nice clean roof when you put your realtor sign out in the front of the house and is going to help you sell the house.

I mean if you are not doing shampoos, now, be careful folks that you’re thinking about trying to clean your own room. Do not put a pressure washer on your roof, you will destroy it. You’ll need definitely a new roof after your pressure spray your roof. They’re not designed to be pressure sprayed. This is a low volume cleaner, non toxic chemical, we have the patent and the equipment that makes sure we do it right. We recommend that you give us a call for a free estimate. We would love to come out and help you out with staining roofs, leaking roofs, roofs that need to be repaired or just somebody that is worried about their roof and they want a peace of mind. We have tune-up packages, free inspections and we can monitor your roof for free. Or take advantage of our company doing a brand new roof for you.

From 20% off on a metal Standing Seam roof, we even have Edco beautiful metal shake roofs. We have roofs that metal that looks like tile. So if you want to tile look and roof on your home, but it can’t support the weight we have a metal system that can so you know we specialize everything when it comes to roofing and we even do for you commercial owners, hotel owners or convenience store owners. We do have roof monitoring for you guys also and inexpensive repair processes that will assure your business will not be affected for roof leaks.

So give us a call at 210-454-2400 Roof Fix guarantees your satisfaction. Guarantees you a low payment program and we will help you with your roofing. We are the roofing company to consider, and when it comes to shopping for a roofing company. Shop no more. We have experienced staff members, and the estimates are free, no obligations. We are there to educate you when it comes to making a roof buying decision.

We’ll give you the facts so you can make an educated buying decision. And the buying decision will definitely be yours. We bring professionals to your home, not a bunch of salespeople, and not a bunch of inexperienced laborers to do this type of work. So check us out our website is Or give our office a call. You can even call us today as you’re listening to the radio show at the 210-454-2400.

If you can’t write it down, we have an easy way for you to remember our number, and that is “210-fix-roof” or if you’re one of the people listening out in the Hill Country. We love doing business with y’all out in the Hill Country. You know, we know it’s hard to find a good contractor out there. We are all set up to take care of you just like you’re local here in San Antonio.

We have warehouses and offices out even in the Kerville area. We will service you guys every day. And like I said, we love doing business with you, you get all the same promotion special offers, and you’ll get really special treatment and I will guarantee your satisfaction too. So if you’re in the Hill Country, we have a local number for you, it’s “830-got-roof”. So just in case you can’t write it down, and then the folks are listening to us at home. You can call us directly our lines are open, and it’s 210-454-2400 or go to Give us a call.

We’re excited to help you. Ryan, you can ask him about any question when it comes to roofing. So go to and put your questions in. He even helps you guys want to do it yourself. You know, we’re all about helping our community and doing, you know, making this thing affordable. We understand that, you know, roofs can tend to surprise people with leaks and problems. But we don’t want anybody to have a roofing leak.

If you’re a military and your family members that your your military family is, is deployed, and you’re they’re taking care of your home, we have a bunch of free services for our military out there. So if they’re deployed and you have a roof leak, there’s no reason to have one make sure you give us a call. We support our military and thank them for everything they do. And you know, we just want to make this this whole roofing experience good for you guys. And we are definitely a safe way to buy a roof and get your discounts out. 20% off as big savings.

Get ready. You know, we’re gonna have a lot of rain coming in to hail season’s in April. Want to make sure you’re prepared for that. So get your roof inspected. But call us, our phone lines are open 210-454-2400. And we thank y’all for tuning in. You know, we’re here live every Sunday on the show and we’re here to answer your questions.

We’ll be bringing in a guest from Wood Forest next week and Wood Forest Banking. They’re one of our premier banking partners, and we want to talk to small businesses and people that are banking you could always find Wood Forest in all your Walmart’s around town, and they have been a great help for Roof Fix, many years of success with them.

Ryan Sterling

What about their hours, man unbelievable.

Duane Charping

Just tune in next week. We’re gonna bring their Marketing Manager and their Vice President into the studio. And if y’all have any questions, just let us know. Reach out to us. Thank you for tuning in to the Roof Fix Show and we’ll see you next Sunday.