Power & Aesthetic

Power Aesthetic

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

25 Year Warranty on Panels (Covers Labor & Shipping)

No Deductible

Permitting, Utility Interchange, Design

25 Year Power Warranty

Battery Compatible

Eligible for 99% 25 Year Payment Plan w/ no $ Down

Military Discount

Annual Inspection & Cleaning

Eligible for 30% Federal Income Tax Credit

3 Year Warranty on Entire Roof

12 Year Warranty on Inverters

12 Year Warranty on Inverters

Critter Guard Skirting around Solar Arrays

Attic Run Wiring

Pipe & Attic Vent Relocation

25 Year Warranty on Inverters

Fully Integrated Energy Shingles

Total Reroof with Golden Pledge Warranty from GAF


REC 400 Watt Premium Panels

Mission 435 Watt Texas Made Panels

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