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What is Pearl Certification?

Pearl Certification helps safeguard your financial investment for energy efficiency improvements by providing appraisal documentation about the improvements you make in your home.

The Pearl Certification showcases the features of a home that matter most to buyers — heating and cooling, solar, smart home devices, and much more.

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A Pearl Certified home is a listing agent's DREAM. Your home will sell faster and for more $$$

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Why Is a Pearl Certification Important to Me as a Homeowner?

  1. Only the top 5% of solar contractors in the country qualify to certify their work with Pearl — and Roof Fix is one of them.
  2. Sit back and enjoy the lower utility bills from your solar installation, and Pearl provides a Certification Report highlighting the added value of your investment.
  3. Pearl qualifies real estate professionals who ensure your high-performing home is properly marketed when you sell or refinance.
  4. Pearl Certified homes can sell faster and for more money

What Is a Pearl Solar Certification?

While efficiency reduces energy use, a solar system produces energy.

Pearl has launched a new program to certify solar installations in Texas using photos and documentation provided by the listing agent or home seller. As a homeowner, you can easily leverage Pearl Certification to maximize the value of your owned solar system.

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What Does the Pearl Solar Certification Come With?

Customized Letters For The Buyer

Customized Letters For The Lender

Customized Letters For The Appraiser

Marketing Package w/ Highlights Page

Placecards Placed Around Home

Game Changer for Listing Agents

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Improving your home’s value, from now on

Pearl Certification is the standard for homes that go above and beyond to keep you comfortable, healthy and saving energy. A home like that is valuable to you – and to future homebuyers. With Pearl Certification, you get the guidance and tools you need to increase your home’s value and maximize its price when it’s time to refinance or sell.

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Understanding the Pearl Scoring System

We assign points to home features based on how much they contribute to your home’s performance. The more points a feature earns, the more it contributes to your comfort, health and energy efficiency. Your home earns points for each high-performing feature within these categories:

Building Shell

The roof, walls, windows and foundation create the barrier between the outside and inside of your home.

Heating & Cooling

Equipment like your furnace and air conditioner as well as the ductwork keep your home at the right temperature.


Equipment such as water heaters, appliances and electronics use a consistent amount of energy year-round.

Home Management

Smart thermostats, information dashboards and energy management help you maintain and improve home performance.

Renewable Energy

The solar panels, inverters, batteries, and electric vehicle chargers that provide investment-grade documentation.

Smart Systems

All the different smart systems interact with one another. Tip - Keep track of your home's smart systems for the next buyer.

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Frequently Asked Pearl Certification Questions

 Pearl Certification is a third-party review program that identifies homes that meet energy-efficient standards as well as it being healthy, safe, and comfortable

Yes! Pearl certified homes sell faster and for more money!

Yes, Pearl Certification also works with solar installations.

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