If you experienced damage from hail larger than a golf ball for any amount of time or you had 20-30 minutes of hail the size of a quarter or larger, you need to call your insurance company directly to file a claim.

Don’t let anyone talk you out of filing a claim “because your premiums are going to go up” because the fact of the matter is everyone’s premiums are going to increase, even if they weren’t impacted because San Antonio experienced a natural catastrophe.

Call your insurance’s toll-free number and open a claim. You should be contacted within a couple of days of reporting your claim to set up a time for an insurance adjuster to come out to inspect the damage.

If you want Roof Fix SA to be there at the same time as your adjuster, give us a call. Roof Fix SA will come to out to meet with you and your adjuster to go over all the details and discuss supplements for details that the adjuster isn’t sure will be covered.