If you’re a business or a homeowner, making sure your place of business or residence are well maintained is integral. The roof is one of the most important parts of any building, and the responsible party should have it inspected regularly to ensure it’s intact.

If you’re a homeowner, and your roof started leaking – it will be easy to identify. There’ll be water damage on the roof and walls. You can trace the leak back to its source by following the water stains, or even better – go to your attic. That is where you should look for evidence of mold, gaps, or water collecting. First places to check would be chimney, roof vents, dormers or plumbing.

A commercial roof leak, on the other hand, can be difficult to recognize unless you’re familiar with those issues.

Signs of a Roof LeakSigns of a Roof Leak

Damaged roof flashing. Flashing is a weather resistant material that is formed in the joints of the roof. When it’s damaged, it can allow water seep into the building. This type of damage can be caused by the weather or poor quality of installation.

Tears or cracks. Tears in the roof cover can be less noticeable from afar or from the ground, and yet they can happen in any part of the roof. They can be caused things like hail or strong wind.

Ponding. Ponds of collected water can promote deterioration and aging of the roof, causing rusting in steel roofs, or rot in wooden ones. Or the roof can even fall in under the weight of collected water.

Bubbles. When portions of your roof rise up, they can go unnoticed from the ground. They indicate that there’s moisture trapped under the roof’s surface.

How to prevent a Leaky Roof

When it comes to preventing leaks in a roof, your best bet is to find weak spots before any real damage occurs. This means conducting or outsourcing regular inspections, especially if there’d been a storm. You’ll want to look for any water puddles, branches or other debris that should be removed. Even small leaks need to be addressed before they get worse. This will be best done by a roofing professional, to ensure the repair is done correctly and will last a long time.

Another way to prevent damage is to make sure you use quality roofing materials to begin with. Experienced builders will advise you on what materials would suit your roof better, knowing the area’s weather patterns and durability of different types of roofs.

What can you do besides regular inspections and choosing quality materials when having your roof done? Here are some practical steps to take.

How Do I Prevent a Roof Leak in San AntonioHow Do I Prevent My Roof from Leaking?

Waterproof barriers

A good precaution to take is to install watertight barriers at vents, chimneys, dormers, and other vulnerable areas. These barriers will stop water from collecting where it shouldn’t and causing damage and mold.

Pre-Manufactured Flashing

You can install pre-manufactured flashing on all vulnerable openings, like skylights, chimneys and dormers. This will direct the water away from those areas.

Roof Deck Protection

Install underlayment for the shingles to prevent water from gathering under curling shingles.


Without good ventilation, warm air and dampness build-up in an attic and can cause rafters and sheathing to rot, insulation to worsen and shingles to buckle. Make sure your gaseous vents, louvers, or soffit vents aren’t blocked. Lack of proper attic ventilation can cause structural damage from moisture and mold, shorten roof material life, and increase your energy bill.

A leaky roof can be very damaging to the whole building, not to mention dangerous to your employees or family. It’s worth prioritizing and hiring professionals to deal with. As the owner of the property, you carry the responsibility of keeping both the buildings and those inside them, safe.

Have a Roof Leak? Contact a Professional Roofing Company

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