Having your roof repaired sounds like an expensive and bothersome task to handle. Just knowing there is a problem is headache enough, but it will be worse if it leads to needing a roof replacement. You might be quick to blame Mother Nature and that storm that blew through a couple of months ago. Or maybe you’re wondering if your roof is just getting old.

Both may be correct – but, more often than you think, animals and wildlife can create big problems that usually need to be addressed. Here are some common animals and the damage they can cause to your roof.


Birds can cause damage in many ways. They can hurt your shingle roofing and block drainage from the roof. One of the biggest issues involves their diet. It’s quite acidic, and bird droppings can rot the shingles.

When a bird feels at home, it will create a nest in tiny areas that make them feel safe. For many birds, that tiny space is your gutters. The bird nest will block the drainage from the roof and cause water to pool up. You don’t want water sitting out on your roof like this because it will quickly reduce the lifespan of the roof.


Bats seem harmless, and you may not see them very often. In fact, having bats living nearby is beneficial since they eat insects and pests. Bats don’t normally damage the exterior of your home, but they can cause some big problems with their droppings. Bats pose a threat when they start getting comfortable in your gutters and on the roof. Over time, their urine will begin seeping through the insulation of your home and soak through sheetrock.


Raccoons are among one of the worst animals to find on your roof. Raccoons are known for digging and tearing up rooftops. Their biting, scratching, tearing and chewing behaviors pose a huge threat to the safety and structure of your home. The urine and feces left behind from raccoons can easily seep into the insulation or siding of your home. This will quickly become an expensive task and will lower your property value.

Need a Roof Inspection?

It is smart to have your roof checked annually. This will help discover any damages quickly, so there is time to get them fixed. Are you experiencing roof damage from pests? Contact Roof Fix SA to set up an appointment.