There are countless features to consider when buying a new home. There’s the kitchen layout, appliances, flooring and many others. One thing you shouldn’t overlook, however, is your roof!

Roof Fix SA knows better than anyone that roofs can be one of the most costly features of a home, so we’ve compiled a list of some things to consider.


Almost all features of a home are not made to last forever. They have a lifespan — your roof included. In Texas, most roofs last around 10 to 15 years. Take the time to inspect your roof for any deformities such as missing shingles, curly edges, dark stains or bulges. If you notice any of these, it could mean your roof is near the end of its lifespan. 

When buying a home, consider asking the seller the age of the roof, as well as proof of installation. If it’s older than 10 to 15 years, contact a professional roofer to check your roof and suggest any repairs. And if you’re a new homeowner, they can also help you learn more about different roof types and the best roofing materials available to help your maximize its lifespan.


If the roof of the home you’re considering has dark stains, it could be dealing with mold. The colors you might see vary from black to white to green, but black is the most common. This is one issue you don’t want to put off. Mold not only affects the outside of your home but it can also cause your roof to deteriorate. And if the mold spreads far enough, it can eventually release spores inside of your home. 


A roof ventilation system works by allowing sunlight and air to flow through the attic of your home. This helps remove moisture and hot air from both the attic and roof system. It also reduces the effect of temperature changes and moisture conditions. 

If your roof has a poor ventilation system, it can cause many problems — one of them being mold. It can also cause your utility bills to spike over time. If you’re unsure what kind of ventilation system you have, contact a roofer to provide recommendations.

Roof Leaks

A leaky roof is perhaps one of the most difficult roofing issues you can deal with. There are quite a few signs, including:

  • Water spots
  • Cracked shingles
  • Mold 
  • Gutters dripping water

If you suspect there may be a leak, don’t wait to repair it. A leak can be very challenging to find once it’s started. To save yourself the headache, contact a professional roofer to help you find the source of the leak.


Gutters are an important part of your roof system. If your gutters are in poor shape, then you risk dealing with serious water damage (if you haven’t dealt with it already). Before buying a home, have a roofer check the condition of not only your gutters but also your seepage system as a whole. This includes your gutters, down spurts and drainage pipes. 

Whether you’re buying a new home or trying to maintain your current one, taking the time to inspect your roof will save you time, energy, and money in the long run. If you’re in the San Antonio area and are looking for trustworthy roofing professionals, Roof Fix SA has you covered! Contact us today for all your roofing concerns and services!