Your roof is a permanent part of your home… right? Not exactly. Just like cars, appliances, electronic devices and more, your roof wasn’t made to last a long time, not forever. Unfortunately, that means most homeowners will have to replace their roofs at some point, which prompts the question, “How do I know when to replace my roof?” Don’t worry – the experts at Roof Fix SA are here to help you recognize the signs that you need a roof replacement.

Signs You Need a Roof Replacement1. Damaged Shingles

While there’s more to your roof than the shingles, they are perhaps the biggest indicator of a problem with your roof. That’s why it’s a good idea to take a look at your shingles any time you’re in a position to get a good look at your roof. Keep an eye out for these shingle issues:

  • Cracks
  • Curled edges
  • Bald spots where asphalt is missing
  • Missing entire shingles

If you notice any of these signs, there’s a chance it’s time to for a roof replacement. At the very least, you’ll need roof repair services to prevent further damage.

2. Visible Wear and Tear

Aside from problems with roof shingles, you may be able to tell that your roof needs to be replaced based on its general appearance. When you look at your roof, does it appear old and worn? Is it looking faded, saggy or otherwise worse for wear? If so, don’t dismiss your gut – call Roof Fix SA for a roof inspection from one of our pros. We can help you identify the problem and the proper next steps.

3. Algae and Moss Growth

Moss and algae love the dark, damp growing environment that can often be found among the shingles on a roof. If you’ve noticed moss growth or dark streaks from airborne algae on your roof, there could be damage to the roof’s surface that can’t be repaired. Algae and moss are often more of a cosmetic issue, but they can definitely signal deeper roof damage, especially if allowed to grow on the roof for some time.

Top reasons for a Roof Replacement4. The Neighbors Just Got a Roof Replacement

The houses in most neighborhoods were built around the same time, often with the same materials. Whether you’ve been in your home for many years or just moved in, it’s a good idea to consider roof replacement if your neighbors are having their own roofs replaced. After all, your neighbors’ homes have experienced all of the same weather conditions as yours and will likely wear similarly.

If you’d rather be safe than sorry, schedule a roof inspection for your home when you notice several of your neighbors are having a roof replacement done.

5. Age

While it may not seem like a long time has passed since your home was built, the years go by quickly, and knowing the expected lifespan of your roof can go a long way towards recognizing when it’s time for roof replacement. A roof’s lifespan can vary dramatically depending on the type of material used, so we’ve compiled a list for you to figure out how long your roof should last:

  • Asphalt Shingles: 18-20 years
  • Metal Roofing: 40-70 years
  • Clay Tile: 50-100 years
  • Wood Shake/Shingles: 30 years

If your roof is nearing the end of its life expectancy or showing any signs of damage, call on Roof Fix SA for roof replacement. Our certified professional roofing experts will guide you through the entire process and leave you with a brand new roof of the highest quality. Contact Roof Fix SA today to schedule your service.