As the Christmas season rolls around, so do the flashy decorations. Many people deck out their houses with dazzling Christmas lights, but some make the mistake of not taking proper safety precautions.

At Roof Fix, we want you to have a safe and festive holiday season. Read on for some essential safety tips you should follow when it’s time to string up the lights on your roof!

Safety Tips for Installing Christmas Lights on Your RoofHave a Reliable Ladder

Like all roof companies can tell you, you shouldn’t go up on a roof without a sturdy, reliable ladder. Falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits during the holiday season. Don’t go up on a ladder unless you’re confident it’s stable.

It’s also a good idea to have a spotter whenever you climb a ladder. They can make sure the ladder is stable and hold it when you’re going up or down.

When hanging lights, never extend your body further than parallel with the ladder. If you’re not careful, you may end up tripping or tipping the ladder over. Also, using a wooden or fiberglass ladder when hanging lights can eliminate the possibility of getting shocked.

Wear Appropriate Safety Gear

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you’re not a professional electrician. However, when hanging string lights, it’s a safe bet to dress like one. Some of what you should wear when hanging lights on the roof include:

  • Safety gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Slip-resistant boots

No matter how silly you think you look, safety is always the top priority when working with electrical hardware of any kind. Even cheap string lights can cause a serious injury if you’re not careful.

Replace Damaged Lights

Some holiday decorations are passed down throughout the years and admired for years to come. String lights aren’t one of them. If your lights are old or broken, they may be dangerous to string up.

Over time, cords can crack or fray, poking through the insulation. This puts you at high risk of a shock or even a fire during the installation process. Additionally, bulbs may crack from improper storage of the lights, which can also lead to a nasty shock if you touch them. Broken, pointed glass is also a serious safety hazard.

Old or broken string lights are fire hazards. Safely dispose of your old lights and buy replacements. Be sure to carefully store them once the holidays are over to avoid causing damage.

Christmas Light Installation Safety TipsUse Clips Instead of Nails or Staples

Nails and staples have been the go-to tool for stringing up roof lights for years. But did you know the dangers associated with them? The sharp metal of these objects can easily puncture wires, which may shock the person installing them.

To avoid this dangerous possibility, opt for plastic light clips or outdoor Command hooks. Both of these safer alternatives can be found at most hardware stores. Plastic can’t conduct electricity, which can protect you from a nasty shock if a wire happens to puncture or tear. Additionally, they’ll even cause less damage to your roof, eliminating the need for a roof repair.

Roof Fix Knows Safety Tips

If you need a roof replacement as a result of a holiday decorating gone wrong, we’re the roofing company to call. Installing Christmas lights can be a dangerous task, and sometimes it may result in damage to your roof. That’s where we come in.

Contact our team at Roof Fix today for any of your roofing needs or other safety tips, and have a happy and safe holiday season!